Dear male friends, I want to encourage you to get married asap, so we can go to Vegas for a bachelor party. Did you realize the pool party season is starting? So what are you waiting for? Ask her already! If I could I would get married in Vegas, but I already did that. And it was awesome! Now it’s your turn! ALright, you need some convincing? You got it! Becoming increasingly popular is the fashion for “European-style” (read topless) bathing being allowed in some of the most stylish Vegas clubs. The Moorea Beach Club, for example, has reinstated its optional swimwear policy this year and will be running adults-only parties daily at the Mandalay Bay hotel. The club has eleven tropical acres with a wave pool, lazy river, sand beach and waterside massage service.Not convinced? Check out the websites for the Encore Beach Club, Rehab or Tao Beach.

You might think a bachelor party in Vegas is expensive. And you are probably right. But there are some ridiculously cheap options as well, especially for sleeping and eating (not so much for partying, unless you’re drinking in your hotel room or behind a slot machine). Last time I was in Sin City, I stayed at Tropicana, for about 35 dollars a night. And that included mirrors on the ceiling! But if you want a bit more luxury, but don’t want to spend 600 USD a night, you can always bid on room. Priceline, for example, gives you the option to ‘Name Your Own Price’. This could save you up to 60 percent of the normal price. As always, there is a catch: they pick the hotel, which you pay for sight-unseen with a non-refundable credit card payment. But if your plans don’t call for pin-point location, it’s perhaps the best way to save big money on a nice room. Before you bid, be sure to take advantage of websites like or for strategies. Bidders post their successful (and unsuccessful) bids in your destination city. This way you could get a nice, big suite at THEhotel for only 60 USD a night. Not bad! Let’s go!

the.ego.tripper loves family resorts, bingo, kids peeing in the pool, breakfast buffets, hotel animation, tourist traps and group day tours.

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