Treehouses, only for kids? Think again! Treehouse hotels are attracting more and more tourists each year and it doesn’t take a Sherlock to figure out why. Some of these beauties are not only for tree huggers, but offer the same luxury as your friendly neighborhood Ritz-Carlton. Honestly, they can’t even be named treehouses anymore. Let’s start calling them treevillas or treechateaux. The best experience I had in the treehouse department was a bamboo jungle/beach shack in Mazunte, Mexico. It even had a shitter with an ocean view! Only disadvantage: one morning I found a huge ass crab in the shower cabin. Luckily I scared him away with my naked, sunburnt body. Score!

Here are some other rather nice looking tree houses:

Parrot Nest Lodge, Belize

Tsala Treetop Lodge, South Africa

MSC Treetop Lodge

Cedar Creek Treehouse, USA

Khao Sok Treehouse Resort, Thailand

(copright free images)

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