As a fan of good music you are of course aware that Coachella starts next week in the Californian desert. Without the.ego.tripper unfortunately, since the organisation denied my application for two press tickets. Yes, it still hurts. But hey, who needs the festival if you’ve got the whole Coachella Valley to visit?

You might think Palm Springs and the other little towns in the Coachella desert are made for old people playing golf. And while that is true, there’s more to see than you’d think. Strangely, Palm Springs is cool! I first visited the desert town in september 2007, on my way from San Diego to Las Vegas. And I can tell you it was freakishly hot. Don’t go there in June, July, August or September! And if you do, make dinner reservations for a table inside, where you can enjoy the airconditioning.

Anyway, during the rest of the year the Palm Springs area is wonderful and quite amazing. Of course there are big (and quite luxurious) hotels and loads of golf courses, but you’ll find beautiful canyons, hiking trails, wildlife and natural hot springs as well. You can go on desert adventures in buggies or jeeps, you can take the aerial tram to the top of the mountain which is covered in snow most of the year (the tram takes you from 30 degrees Celsius to -5 in about ten minutes).

You can go to the world famous Joshua Tree National Park, which is a short drive away. And if you’ve got a Mustang like the one I rented, cruising the desert is a great joy. I’ve got one tip for all of you for renting a car: make reservations for the smallest vehicle but take an upgrade once you’re in the companies’ offices and mention you are a journalist writing a story about a road trip in the US of A. They might just give you an eight cilinder Mustang convertible for the price of a regular Ford. Worked for me!

the.ego.tripper loves family resorts, bingo, kids peeing in the pool, breakfast buffets, hotel animation, tourist traps and group day tours.

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