I don’t think I’ve told you about my favorite citytrip destination within Europe, have I? I know I shared the secret of La Gomera with you, but you couldn’t call that a citytrip. This one is no secret though. On the contrary, Prague is a major tourist hotspot. But I still love it. Prague just has it all: old buildings, mesmerizing castles, hilltop views, narrow streets, beautiful churches, a jewish quarter, impressive cemeteries, trams, underground parties, awesome pubs, it’s not too big nor too small, … Plus: it’s quite the cheap destination to fly to. Last time I went I took a WizzAir-flight from Eindhoven that cost me about 36 euros round trip (flying time is only 1h15m). But today it’s TGIF (Thank God It’s Flyday) at Brussels Airlines and they offer 99 euro round trip flights leaving from Brussels to Prague, Warsaw and Barcelona. If you wanna go during one of the upcoming weekends, this is the ticket you’d want.

Anyway, more on Prague. The capital of the Czech Republic simply caters to all of your needs: you want culture, nature, party, time to relax, a lively atmosphere, time for romance (yes, this is important!), … Prague’s got it! Walking the old centre, Staré Mesto, is an amazing experience with all of the beautiful squares, churches and other impressive building, with the Jewish quarter with it’s synagogues, museums and cemeteries, and with the amazing bridges across the river Vltava. Take the Charles Bridge to the other side, Mala Strana, where you’ll find a huge cathedral within castle walls. Honestly, it’s like the old Prague rulers had money to burn. Prague, now you’re just showing off!

At night, Prague turns into a fairy tale city. Until you end up in a cellar! Lots of the Prague pubs are situated underground, having turned the cellars into large drinking places and live music venues. And they’re not only for tourists. In these cellars you’ll find a nice mix of locals and foreigners. And if you don’t want to meet any locals, you can just join the pub crawl which starts at the Astronomical Clock every night (hint: don’t go on this bar crawl, because it’s not cool! Trust me, I have made this mistake before). After the pub you could end up at a rave party in an old bunker, like I did (other hint: don’t use the toilet in one of these underground raves). Have fun!

the.ego.tripper loves family resorts, bingo, kids peeing in the pool, breakfast buffets, hotel animation, tourist traps and group day tours.

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