Since I launched this travel blog a couple of weeks ago, I’ve been getting a lot of greeting cards with compliments, tips, questions on how I pay for all of these travels and even a marriage proposal from a nice young lady who was willing to pay for my air fare to her hometown. Because I’m the lazy type of blogger/journalist I won’t answer all of these greeting cards individually, but I will thank you all now: thanks, I appreciate it! Unfortunately for the lady offering me a great and satisfying marriage, I’m sure, I already got married in Vegas, as you can read on the Who is the.e.t page. What this page doesn’t say is that I asked my wife to be my wife (incidentally she was my girlfriend at the time) in Sicily. Nice, huh? Do I smell young ladies’ hearts melting? I think so…

Most of the questions I get asked through a greeting card have something to do with advice. Where should I go this summer, mister the.ego.tripper? Should I go to the mountains or to the sea, dear the.ego.tripper? And my answer today could be Sicily (hence the little story about my proposal in the first paragraph). Good old Ryanair offers pretty cheap flights to Trapani, in the northwest of the marvelous island. Trapani itself is pretty much a waste of your precious time, but once you get on the road, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with what Sicily has to offer.

If you’re looking for the bluest sea or lagunas in Europe, take the ferry in Trapani to one of the Egadi Islands. I chose Favignana and didn’t regret it at all. Honestly, there’s absolutely nothing going on on these islands, but that’s just the charm of it. Just rent a scooter for a couple of days, take a picknick basket and just stare into the blue lagoon for hours and hours.

If you’re sick and tired of all the peace and silence, just take a ferry back to Trapani, rent a car and head east. The first big city you’ll come across is Palermo. I must warn you: the city is quite amazing, but the trafic is horrendous. Try not to panic when you see five cars next to each other on a three lane road. Just close your eyes, go full throttle and hope for the best. You’ll be fine. The capital of Sicily offers great food, good museums, nice beaches, parties, views on the surrounding hills, … Everything one would look for in a citytrip.

If you don’t really want to be citytrippin’ in Sicily, just keep driving east until you see the Cefalù sign (it’s about two hours from Trapani). For a nice and relaxing vacation this is your place to be in Sicily. The town of Cefalù is picturesque, not too big, it offers great restaurants, a lively holiday atmosphere, a crazy ass hill in the middle of the city, beautiful beaches, fishing opportunities, and whatnot. If you drive inland you’ll find the Parco Regionale delle Madonie, which is well worth the drive.

From Cefalù you can of course keep driving till you see the Etna. Which you probably should do, and which I didn’t do, because I didn’t have that much time. So I ignored the huge volcano in the background to save it for my next trip to Sicily. I thought that was pretty smart.

the.ego.tripper loves family resorts, bingo, kids peeing in the pool, breakfast buffets, hotel animation, tourist traps and group day tours.

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