Oh man, of all the European capitals, is Berlin not the coolest? It might just be. No, it most definitely is! Germany’s capital is not the prettiest of places, it even lacks some sort of picturesque quality. But the city makes up for that in coolness, in vibrancy, in arty farty Zeitgeist, in party vibes, in hipster quality, in alternative lifestyle, … Oh Berlin, how we love you. Mostly the eastern part of you, but we love you!

Last time I was in Berlin, in november of 2011 if I’m not mistaken, I stayed on a hotel boat on the River Spree, in the Kreuzberg area. Although the rooms on this boat were tiny and they lacked any form of luxury, it still was a good choice, mainly because of the location (close to U-Bahn Warschauer Strasse). If you’re fascinated by the Berlin Wall, this would be the best accommodation, since the boat is almost humping a big piece of Wall. Or if you’re more into dining and drinking, the boat is only a 15 minute walk from the Simon-Dachstrasse, which has awesome restaurants and bars.

Of course I could start telling you about the Brandenburger Tor, Checkpoint Charlie, the Reichstag, Schloss Charlottenburg and all that cultural/political/historical craziness. But if you hop on a Hop On/Hop Off, you’ll see it all with your own eyes. Don’t get me wrong: it’s well worth the visit, but you didn’t surf to the.ego.tripper to actually get decent travel info, did you? You came here for an opinion. And here it is: Berlin is a giver and the tourist that goes to Berlin will take it! The city offers great museums (honestly some of the best! FYI: this does not include the Currywurstmuseum), interesting historical sights, a variety of neighborhoods, crazy people throwing parties under abandoned bridges, loads of parks (Berlin is actually one of the greener capitals in Europe), awesome shopping in second hand stores, sipping on a coffee in trendy cafés, … I could keep going on and on and on. Did I mention Berlin is cheap? No, I didn’t, but it is. If you’re used to Paris or London prices, Berlin will be your new BFF, I swear.

At night there are so many options to have a good time. My tip: just walk around until you see something you like. Kreuzberg is a great neighborhood to start, but honestly, you can find cool spots everywhere. How bout you give the pingpong bar a try? (this has nothing to do with the Thai version of a pingpong club, I assure you!) Or the toilet bar? Or the tranny bar perhaps? Whatever you’re looking for, Berlin has it.

Pingpong bar

A bit difficult to see, but there is a spontaneous little rave going on under the bridge.

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