It was somewhat of a philosophical dilemma for me. Blogging about a car, I mean, on the.ego.tripper. Does it have anything to do with travelling? My answer is yes. Going from A to B in a Maserati GranTurismo MC Stradale is not only travelling, it’s doing so in style. And so I took this car – offered to me for a couple of days by the good folks of Maserati Belgium – for a spin on the most beautiful road in the country, called the Route des Sources. And there you go: I combined being a tourist in the French speaking part of Belgium with driving this pretty swell piece of automobile. The.ego.tripper for the win!

So who of you thought Belgium still had some green areas? With trees and all? In the Flemish part of the country this is pretty hard to find. So I took my MC Stradale to the Walloon part, where you can still find pristine nature, loads of hairpin bends and no speed limits (this is not completely true, there is a speed limit but it’s not really enforced anywhere). I googled ‘the most beautiful road in Belgium’ and google answered: the Route des Sources. This road starts in the sleepy town of Chaudfontaine, close to Liège, and brings you via Verviers to the spa town of Spa (or where did you think the name spa came from?). Actually you find spas everywhere in this area, so if you’re sick and tired of driving a Maserati, you can always relax in one of those. I figured that would be a waste of time.

But anyway, cruising at high speeds through the High Fens, as the area is called, is more than a treat. Some of the towns you drive through haven’t been notified that the 21st century arrived more then a decade ago. You’ll find old churches, beautiful castles, steep hills, abandoned bridges, vast woods, cheap little restaurants and old people drinking fantastic local brews in the few cafés. And driving a Maserati is a treat for the locals as well. They all come outside to hear what car makes this incredibly roaring noise. They touch it, make pictures of it and ask if they can take it for a short test drive. You smile at them and go full throttle. And it almost brings the crowd to an orgasm caused by the deafening noise of the car and the 4,3 seconds it takes to go to a 100 kilometres an hour. Sorry, got a bit carried away there, but that’s just because this car is da proverbial bomb! Honestly, it’s fierce, with its 4.7 liter V8 which delivers 450 horse power. Theoretically you can take it up to 301 kilometres an hour, but on the curvy roads of the Route des Sources that is never an option. But still, it’s a fast motherfuck*r. And it was raining. Which makes me The Boy Who Lived. Glad to be back in one piece and able to tell you about this experience. But I wanna go back now. Please Maserati Belgium, can I hold on to this car for a few more weeks?

the.ego.tripper loves family resorts, bingo, kids peeing in the pool, breakfast buffets, hotel animation, tourist traps and group day tours.

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