If there’s one city I should go back to asap, it’s Lisbon. Man, I lied in my first sentence already, sorry peepz. Of course there are many other cities I should go back to asap. But if I had to choose one at this moment, it would be Lisbon. Damn, lied again. Okay, there are a few other cities that would beat the crap out of Lisbon, touristwise, but Portugal’s capital is lovely. And that’s the truth, I swear, your honor!

All this lying is confusing me. Truth is: I like Lisbon. It’s a beautiful city with a great atmosphere, delicious food (AND REALLY REALLY GOOD COFFEE!), friendly people, loads of places to party, cool trams, hills, monasteries, towers, fado houses, beautiful parks, cathedrals, history… You name it. A lot of people I’ve talked to compared Lisbon to Barcelona. Maybe it’s because both cities are hip and trendy. Or it might be the location near the sea as well. Or it might be the inspiration you can find in both cities.

Lisbon is definitely worth your attention and if you can get a cheap flight (check out Brussels Airlines TGI Flydays) and a conveniently located hotel, you’ll have an amazing time in Portugal’s capital.

the.ego.tripper loves family resorts, bingo, kids peeing in the pool, breakfast buffets, hotel animation, tourist traps and group day tours.

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