I thought I’d just let this one slide. But since all of my lady fans are so beautiful, it might just come in handy. I’m talking about Miss Travel, the self proclaimed #1 Travel Dating site. Apparently there are two types of travellers in this world: either you are beautiful but poor, or you are rather wealthy but unattractive (or plain ugly). I cannot say I concur, although I wish I did, because I never had the opportunity to say: I concur!

Anyway, what happens on Miss Travel is simple: rich dude finds attractive woman. It’s gold diggerism and sugar daddy-ism in its purest forms. How romantic! If you’re rich and ugly, they lure you in with these legendary words: LET’S FACE IT… Ouch. But hey, if you’re rich, who cares that you’re ugly? As long as you’re ‘generous’, you’ll be fine. And thanks to Miss Travel, you’ll always have someone to travel with. Now for being the gold digger in this relationship, Miss Travel doesn’t say it only wants female gold diggers. If I could be the first guy on the gold digging side of Miss Travel, I’m sure I’d find plenty of sugar daddies. Yuk, I’m gonna regret writing down this last sentence. But I mean, there must be some sugar mommas out there too, no?

Anyway, I’m not likely to sign up for this kind of travel, but you might be. Dear rich and ugly fans of the.ego.tripper (you know who you are), I’ve chosen one beauty out of the bunch. Her name is WhitneyAnn90046, she is from Los Angeles, California, she is 19 and blonde and describes herself as a social drinker (yes, she is into underaged drinking, this little she-devill). Oh, and she enjoys art. As for the vacations she would want to take with you, she’s the cheapest of all the beauties, cause she’s already happy with a trip to Las Vegas. I’m sure she doesn’t realize she could drive there herself in just a couple of hours. Guys, please take advantage (although she might actually be too young to get into clubs or casinos). Good luck, fellas!

the.ego.tripper loves family resorts, bingo, kids peeing in the pool, breakfast buffets, hotel animation, tourist traps and group day tours.

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