I need some help here, people. The time has come that you, fans of the.ego.tripper, will make or break a travel story. I urge you not to break it. Please don’t break it. Alright, here is what’s gonna happen. While I was browsing the internet in search of cheap flights to anywhere, I stumbled upon a great deal to Venezuela. From Brussels to Caracas and back to London for only 379 euros? I’ve had shoes more expensive than that (as a fan of the.ego.tripper you do realize this last sentence was a lie, since I only walk around in Chucks).

So I started looking into Venezuela as a holiday destination. But before you get to the good stuff of the country, you have to crawl your way through a shitload of warnings. Don’t carry too much money, don’t get mugged, don’t step outside the airport building after a certain hour, try not to get shot or abducted, don’t buy drugs, if you do happen to go to Venezuelan prison watch out for gunfights, … It’s kinda scary. And probably Venezuela has some really irritating mosquitoes too! On the other hand, their Angel falls are the highest waterfalls in the world, with a drop of over a kilometer. And they do have good looking nature, don’t they? But what about the warnings? Is it really so bad? It would not be a relaxing holiday if you can’t go out after 6pm.

So people, what do you say? Who has been to Venezuela? Who loved it? Or who got shot? This is your chance to shine on the.ego.tripper.

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the.ego.tripper loves family resorts, bingo, kids peeing in the pool, breakfast buffets, hotel animation, tourist traps and group day tours.

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