If by now you still haven’t decided where to go on holidays this summer, in spite of all the awesome tips I’ve given you over the past few months, you might be interested in this article. Why? Because you might be able to find a last minute deal to the magical island (or actually islands) of Malta. If you spot a cheap deal, I’d say: book it! Here’s why.

But before I show you pictures, I have to tell you Malta consists of a few islands, of which Malta, Gozo and Comino are the most famous and touristy. Actually Comino isn’t that touristy at all. Or busy. In off season the small island is home to only five inhabitants. Yes, that’s right, five. Strangely uneven. You would think it’s two parents with three kids, but wouldn’t that be a nightmare for those children? But it might be worse if the five people are adults, which means there’s one who probably doesn’t get laid. But hey, that’s not really a tourists’ concern, is it?

Anyway, I’m getting off topic here. Let’s go back to Magical Malta. When I was there I stayed on the beautiful island of Gozo, in the beautiful Kempinski Hotel San Lawrenz. Why am I mentioning this? Because if you have the money, you should stay there. Luckily I didn’t have to pay, since I was there on a press trip. But I’m sure the bill was magical as well. The island of Gozo is quite cool, very relaxing, rustic, calm, far away from partying youngsters, close to nice restaurants, cute villages, with tons of history and welcoming people. Surprisingly, Malta is filled with awesome people. Friendly, welcoming and English speaking (which is not unimportant).

If you’re a history enthousiast, Malta is the place to go. Did I tell you there are prehistorical buildings on Gozo and Malta that are older than Stonehenge and the Egyptian pyramids? I didn’t even know there was anything older than Stonehenge. Compared to the tempels of Tarxien, Stonehenge is a modern and luxurious settlement. You noticed how I used the fine art of exaggeration here? Anyway, back to the country’s history: please read more on Wikipedia. I only remember something with the Knights of St. John. Very cool. And I remember eating a lot of rabbit, which must be the main ingredient of the most typical Maltese dish.

Enough with the talk, let’s go to the pictures. But wait one second. I must tell you Malta is home to one of my favorite European capitals: Valletta. By the way, I travelled from Gozo to Valletta in a water plane, which was scary as hell. But efficient. And worth it, since Valletta is just amazing. Or magical! And it’s been on UNESCO’s World Heritage list since 1980. Okay, this is my cue to stop talking, isn’t it?

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