Man, sometimes in life you have to make stupid decisions, for the greater good. And I made one this week, although I’m not so sure what the greater good is. I mean, a free trip for two to Club Med Sinai Bay in Egypt is probably already greater than most other goods, don’t you think? And still I declined, because I already booked a cheap hostel (about 25 euros a night) in and a cheap flight (about 80 euros round trip) to Croatia in that same period. And of course you’ll shout ‘Cancel Croatia, you fool’. But I just can’t. I promised Misses the.ego.tripper I’d take her to Croatia and so it will happen (actually this promise was made last year, and I booked the trip, but then I took her to Cape Town instead and we cancelled Croatia. Yes, this year’s situation is quite similar, but you can’t cancel on Croatia twice, the country would never forgive me).

So when I got the invitation to go to Sinai Bay for a week, I thought: damn, the timing is unfortunate. Since I’ve never been on a Club Med holiday, I was intrigued by the idea of spending one week in their luxurious Egyptian resort. And looking at their website and pictures, it’s still hard not to hit myself in the head with a frying pan. Honestly, it looks stunning! In the desert, right next to the Red Sea, situated in a beautiful and private bay, this Club Med makes for a fantastic getaway. Or so I imagine. Sure, it can get quite boring, laying on the beach, enjoying tasty food and bottomless drinks, reading books, making sweet sweet love in a big big bed (and jacuzzi, for which I would be sorry, Club Med, that’s not very hygienical of me), playing golf, swimming in the sea, getting massages, … What am I talking about? That doesn’t sound boring at all, that sounds brilliant! And to top it off, you can arrange a few very interesting excursions, like a trip to Petra or Wadi Rum. *hits himself in the head again with the same frying pan*

Anyway, since I can’t go, how bout I’ll try to arrange a free trip for one of my readers. You just pretend to be me, which means you’ll have to take cool pictures of about every angle of the resort and write a decent story the.ego.tripper-style, aka nice and dirty. I’m not sure if they’ll go for it, but they can’t blame me for trying, can they? In the meantime I urge you to become Facebook fan and follow me on twitter, in order to see what I’ll be doing instead of the above (aka crying myself to sleep in a cheap ass hostel in Croatia). Thanks for your support!

(images stolen from somewhere on the web, I’m sorry)

the.ego.tripper loves family resorts, bingo, kids peeing in the pool, breakfast buffets, hotel animation, tourist traps and group day tours.

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