Good afternoon, good morning or maybe even good evening, dear travel addicts. How are you today? If you happen to be living in Belgium, chances are pretty good you’re looking at dark skies and rainy clouds at the moment. But not to worry, the.ego.tripper is coming to the rescue. And for the non-Belgian fans: the.ego.tripper is also coming to your rescue, whether you need it or not. Yes, folks, today I’ll rescue you with a post on Hvar. Now I can hear you thinking: Hvar Island or Hvar Town (which is on Hvar Island, obviously)? My answer is this: good question, by the way. It’s mostly on Hvar Town. Why? Again, good question. Because Hvar Town is the most popular place on Hvar Island. Why? I’m getting there…

So, yesterday I talked to you about the beautiful Plitvice National Park, but my original plan was to go island hopping in the south of Croatia. Unfortunately it was too far to drive all the way from Plitvice to Hvar Town in one evening. Remember I only arrived in the national park round 2 pm, spent four hours there before heading south. And to get to Hvar, you need a ferry, either from Split or from Drvenik (please check the map at the bottom of this page for visualization purposes). Because I didn’t want to arrive in Hvar at 11 pm (remember I didn’t book any hotels or guest rooms in advance, so I had to search for accommodation almost every night), I decided to spend the night in lovely Trogir. But more on Trogir towards the end of Croatia Blog Week.

Anyway, the morning after I drove to Drvenik to hop on the ferry to Sucuraj, which is in the absolute east of the island. And Hvar Town is in the extreme west, of course. It’s about a 75 kilometer drive, but the winding roads and stunning views make it a slow trip, well worth while by the way. On arrival in Hvar Town I had to park my car on the public parking lot, since there are no cars allowed in the center of town. But no worries, I walked to the first travel agency I could find and asked for a room. And boy, did they give me a nice one! For 350 Kuna, about 50 euros, I got an apartment close to the harbor with an amazing view. The landlord’s name was Mirka, ask for her if you’re in Hvar Town.

Okay, so about Hvar Town. During the day it seems like a beautiful, but sleepy village, with a lovely church, a cute little harbor, a monastery, a castle and a shitload of restaurants and bars. It’s truly stunning. Well, they call it ‘the pearl of Dalmatia’ for a reason, huh. But at night, that’s when the vampires come out and play. The sleepy town becomes a mondaine party central for tourists from all over the world. Honestly, this is when and where the magic happens. Groups of women dress up like they’re in Saint-Tropez and groups of Australian backpackers on boats try to get drunk as fast and cheap as possible. The bars open their doors, play their music and attract everyone who’s staying in town. Some clubs even have party grounds on other islands, which means you have to hop on one of their taxi boats that’ll bring you to the fiesta. Nice!

To get rid of your epic hangover in the morning, you could go on a day trip to the nearby Pakleni Islands. They are perfect for fans of snorkeling or just laying in the sun (naked, depending on the island and beach you go to). And after you get back, spend the rest of the afternoon at Hula-Hula, where you can get bottomless cocktails, food (not really the best, but who cares?), cool music and amazing views of the beautiful sea and surrounding islands.

Anyway, please come back tomorrow for more Croatia during this Croatia Blog Week. Tomorrow’s destination: Mljet. Or Korcula. I’m not sure yet. Oh yes, feel free to share this blogpost on Twitter of Facebook or any other social network you’re on. Oh, and if you are Croatia or the Croatian Office of Tourism, please thank me later with money, presents like cheese or wine and free trips to visit again. Thank you.

the.ego.tripper loves family resorts, bingo, kids peeing in the pool, breakfast buffets, hotel animation, tourist traps and group day tours.

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