Howdy folks, what’s up? So, you wanna know what happened to me? I got asked to write a blogpost for 529scout. On Thailand. And because I’m lazy I’m gonna pretend I wrote it for you guys. Here it goes:

I’m sure most of you have never heard of Maaaai Drem and it can’t be googled either. But I just figured: you just read these awesome stories about famous Thai places like Bangkok, Koh Chang and Koh Phangan here on 529scout. It got you curious about the rest of the country, didn’t it? Yes, it did! And that’s why I’m offering something completely different. It’s not a beach destination, it’s not a tourist trap. No sir, it’s Maaaai Drem.

But what the f*ç§ is Maaaai Drem? Good question! It’s a magical place between Thaton and Chiang Rai in the absolute north of the country. You see: when I went to Thailand on my last trip I took flights everywhere instead of buses or trains. I didn’t have much time and I wanted to see a lot. Meaning: I arrived in Chiang Mai and a week later I had a flight back from Chiang Rai. For a minute there I thought about sharing info on those two cities, but that would make this blogpost way too long. I’ll just say this: please visit Chiang Mai and the surrounding area. It’s honestly one of my favourite destinations in the whole world! (Chiang Rai not so much)

Anyway, after having spent a couple of days in Chiang Mai I had to make my way to Chiang Rai. And the easiest way would have been the direct bus. But since I still had two or three days before my flight out of Chiang Rai, I decided to ‘see what happens if you just get on a bus’. So I happened to take the bus to a village called Thaton, close to Burma or Myanmar or whatever you want to call it. Quite convenient, cause the river Kok runs trhough Thaton and heads into the Chiang Rai direction. And lucky me, Thaton turned out to be a pretty little thing, with a beautiful temple with stunning views of the surrounding hills. Only one thing had me confused: where were all the tourists? Honestly, I stayed in one of the Mae Kok river resorts, where my wife and I were the only visitors. Brilliant! Especially looking back on my time in Phuket – with all of the excessive tourism – I was thrilled!

One worry though: was there enough water in the Mae Kok to get us to Chiang Rai? You see: I was there in late February, when the dry season begins and the heat comes. So I asked the owner of the resort and of course she said I had nothing to worry about. “Prease visit Maaaai Drem”, she kept saying. “Maaaai Drem”. So when the longtail boat picked us up at our resort the next day, we said we wanted to go to Maaaai Drem. And the boat guy understood immediately. An hour or two later the boat slowed down and dropped us off at a little piece of heaven, in the middle of nowhere. At My Dream resort in Who Knows Where. Maaaai Drem. Of course. Not a village, not a city, not a tourist destination. Just one pretty little resort halfway between Thaton and Chiang Rai, close to the Elephant Camp in the jungle.

Again, we were the only tourists in this resort. ( And it was fucking fantastic, pardon my French! Let me steal this from there website: “Enjoy our quiet and comfortable bungalows, nestled in a tropical paradise, overlooking the River Kok. Visit the adjoining Karen Village, have a refreshing swim in the river and relax on your terrace or in our garden. Or go on tour with our TAT-licensed local guide, Nan, who cares about the environment and the people around him.”

A tropical paradise, did you see? And they’re not lying! For 12 euros a night you get a riverview guest room, with basic comfort, but with everything you’re looking for after a few weeks at the beach: no other tourists, no noise, no overpriced beers, just peace and quiet, friendly people that’ll serve you food and drinks whenever you want to, a clean river to swim in, stunning views, … Sure, don’t spend two whole weeks there, or you’ll get bored out of your mind. But a couple of relaxing days in Maaaai Drem will be just the thing you need, before going home.

Oh yeah: we were quite lucky we had a boat to Chiang Rai when we wanted to leave Maaaai Drem. Apparently it was one of the last boats of the season. They weren’t even sure it was going to come. So if you ever decide to visit My Dream, make sure you there’s enough water in the Kok.

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