Good evening, folks, how are you? Are you feeling the heat? I am! Djeez, 31 degrees in Antwerp today and probably still 26 degrees Celsius this evening. Feels terrible, doesn’t it? I prefer 120 degrees Fahrenheit in Death Valley, honestly. But luckily I bought pomegranates to cool me down. And while I was peeling the little pink fuckers (damn, that’s a terrible job, isn’t it?), I was thinking of the time I spent in Granada, Spain. Granada, translation: pomegranate.

Did I ever tell you that I studied in Granada right after I graduated from uni? I guess I didn’t. Anyway, it’s such a long time ago, almost eight years now. But my Spanish still rocks (I studied Spanish in Spain, or what did you expect?)! Honestly, I could write this blogpost in Espanol. Let’s give it a try.

Ola, amigos y amigas guapas, bienvenido al the.ego.tripper. Voy a contarte algo sobre mi vida en Granada. Me gustaria una cerveza. Te quiero. Cuanto tengo que pagar? Que? Es increible! No soy tonto. Ayudame, por favor. No tengo dinero. Perdona, muchacha, puedes mostrar la direccion hasta la playa famosa? He olvidado mi ropa de bano. No pasa nada. Adios.

Impressed much? You should be. Anyway, let’s stop talking shit and let’s enjoy these pictures. And let’s enjoy my advice: if you’re planning on going to Spain, but you don’t know where to go exactly, please visit Granada. Man, it’s such a beautiful and inspiring place. It has the famous Alhambra, which is stunning. It has Sacromonte with all the hippies living in caves (do they still or did the government tell them to piss off?). It has free tapas (still?). It has mountains, views, food, students, chupiterias, shisha bars, … Whatever you’re looking for, you can find in Granada. Or you could back then, I’m actually not to sure about the situation right now. But I guess it’s still fuçking awesome!!! Isn’t it?

the.ego.tripper loves family resorts, bingo, kids peeing in the pool, breakfast buffets, hotel animation, tourist traps and group day tours.

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