Well hello, dear fans of the.ego.tripper, how are you today? Are you ready for the story of the mythical Sri Lankan restaurant? No, it’s not a fairy tale by the Grimm brothers, it’s a travel tale by the.ego.tripper. It’s not very famous yet, but I’ll leave the spreading of the word up to you guys.

But, people, before I tell you the story of the mythical Sri Lankan restaurant, I have to tell you about a press release I got today. A press release from Connections, a famous Belgian chain of travel shops. They have informed me that Belgian people are already booking their winter travels. Well done, nice people of Belgium, well done! But where are they going, you ask? Well, seems that there’s a new popular winter destination for Belgian people: Sri Lanka. You can pronounce it ‘Shangri-La’ if you wish (this is not true, look it up on Wikipedia).

Anyway, Sri Lanka. This is where the story of the mythical Sri Lankan restaurant comes in. Here we go: The year was 2003 and I was backpacking with my dear friend Sebastian in Italy, when we made a stop in beautiful Verona. Yes, it is too romantic for two dudes to go to Verona together, but shut up about it, will ya! Anyway, Verona it was, and camp site Castel San Pietro was where the magic was happening at the time. No bromance, I swear. The days were hot (damn, I’m digging a hole here, aren’t I?) and the showers cold. And the staff was helpful and friendly. And one of the staff members was a Sri Lankan dude named Nihal. He told us he was a famous singer in Sri Lanka, but had to come to Italy to make some money, so he could support his family back home. Apparently singing in Sri Lanka is not a very wise career choice. But he was funny and we laughed and we talked about Sri Lanka and we got hungry and he told us there was a Sri Lankan restaurant in town where we definitely had to go.

So that’s exactly what we did. We went to the Sri Lankan restaurant, which wasn’t mythical at the time. Or at least we didn’t know about it. Anyway, we ordered our food, took it outside to one of the many fine bridges in Verona and ate it, before we went to the opera (I swear man, I’m not…). And it was good, I tells ya! So good! One might say it was magical…

One year later

So, one year later I was back in Verona, this time with my girlfriend (Told ya!). And I told her about Nihal, who got sacked for some reason (probably because he kept feeding the guests grapes from the camp site vineyard, that were actually meant to make horrible wine with). And I told her about the Sri Lankan restaurant and the magical food it offers. So we went out to look for the restaurant. But we couldn’t find it anymore. It was like it never existed in the first place. I remember standing in the same street, in front of the same door, looking at a drycleaner or something. No Sri Lankan restaurant. Maybe it was all a dream…

Djeez, can’t believe you read the whole story. I have to admit it’s not as good as I hoped it would be. The philosophical question about the reality of a mythical Sri Lankan restaurant didn’t really impress, I think. To make up for it: here are some pictures of Sri Lanka!

(all pictures are copyright free pics)

Oh, one more thing. I googled ‘Nihal, famous Sri Lankan singer’ and Google came up with this Youtube video.

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