If you have already checked my favorite destinations through the link at the top of this page, you might have noticed a island called La Gomera. Well, La Gomera is not very well known in Belgium or the rest of the world (only in Germany and Spain they know about this little secret gem), so I’ll explain: La Gomera is one of the smallest of the inhabited Canary Islands. It’s about 25 kilometers in diameter, but all of it is jawdroppingly spectacular. You can’t get there by airplane (at least nog big tourist planes), but you’ll have to take a ferry from Tenerife Los Cristianos. That’ll take you about 45 minutes. In those 45 minutes you will go from complete disgust to utter happiness. I’ll explain this too: since the south of Tenerife is only for old people who can’t survive northern European winters, it’s packed with big ugly hotels and resorts (of course there are some nicer ones, but in general Los Cristianos is just plain yuck if you’re younger than 65). Honestly, you don’t want to come all this way to see elderly Belgians play bingo all day. No sir, but the solution is a simple, effective and cheap one: the ferry to La Gomera.

For some reason La Gomera is not very well known if you’re not from Germany or Spain. So for me it was a very pleasant surprise! It’s just a green jungle of banana plants and bay leaf trees, surrounded by black sandy beaches, most of which offer you a beautiful view of El Teide, Tenerife’s famous volcano. That means you’ve got the best of Tenerife right there in La Gomera. But more on that jungle: did you know there are only two places left in Europe where you can still find ancient rain forests? One is on the border of Poland and Ukraine if I remember correctly. And the other one is on La Gomera. And what makes it even more special: it’s a bay leaf rain forest. Yum!

La Gomera is a volcanic island as well, and a typical Canary Island in the sense that the north has a different climate than the south (is this a correct English sentence?). In the north it rains a lot more than in the south, but that’s what I liked: it’s much greener, more lush and it has the best views! The south is cool as well though, if you look past the one big hotel on the island. To drive from one side of the island still takes you about an hour and a half, although it’s only 25 kilometers on the map. With the numerous winding roads and the numerous stops at each vista point the trip is longer than expected. Sleeping in La Gomera is more of a B&B situation, although there is one big and luxurious hotel and one camp site. The latter is probably the most amazing camp site you will ever see, covered by jungle offering spectacular views of the surroundings. Oh yeah, did I mention the temperature is about 20 to 26 degrees Celsius year round? And that this place is magical? It is. Magical.

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