Ladies and gentlemen, damer och herrar, the.ego.tripper is confused. Yesterday I came back from my long weekend in Stockholm with a bit of a bad feeling. A bit of disappointment, I think it was. But when I look at my pictures now, I can hardly believe I found Stockholm only ‘so so’. I’m definitely not a professional photographer, so I guess the city actually does look rather beautiful. But I had a hard time noticing it from under my umbrella. So from this day forward I will only visit Scandinavia on warm, sunny days! I wish myself the best of luck…

Before I go into details about Stockholm, I have to tell you I’m not a big fan of Scandinavian cities, as you might have noticed earlier. Before I started my traveling career though, I always imagined Scandinavia to be perfect, with pristine nature (of course this is still the case), beautiful women everywhere (this wasn’t the case in Stockholm, which disappointed me enormously) and cool cities. But then Oslo and Copenhagen happened and I quickly changed my mind about the Scandinavian cities. Do you know I went to Copenhagen a few years ago and came back with not even one decent picture? Hard to imagine huh! Admittedly, it was winter time, which makes a big difference for most destinations.

Anyway, so, after Oslo and Copenhagen I was hoping Stockholm would make up for the boredom and incredible expensiveness of the two other capitals. I was hoping Sweden’s capital would change my mind about Scandinavian cities. But as you can already tell: it didn’t. Though I find Stockholm the most beautiful of all three Scandinavian capitals, it still isn’t my cup of tea. Yes, I know, it is pretty green and there is a lot of water. But for some reason Stockholm just doesn’t give me a travel boner. Is it the architecture? I dunno, it looks pretty nice on camera, doesn’t it? Is it the people? No, they are pretty closed, but friendly nonetheless. Is it the weather? Yes, I was very unlucky with the weather. But it was more than that. The atmosphere wasn’t quite right. I know you shouldn’t compare European capitals, but cities likes Berlin, Krakow, Budapest, Barcelona, Florence, Prague or even Bruges have the X-factor that Stockholm lacks. (Yes, I do realize only half of these cities are capitals)

Of course Stockholm has the oldest Ikea in the world. And it has the biggest H&M in the world. And it has the largest spherical building (see picture) which you can ‘ride’ in a sphere (don’t do it on a rainy day, the view is not that impressive). And it has a very fine modern art museum called Moderna Museet (this is actually quite impressive). But but but… still no boner. Ah yes, almost forgot: Stockholm also has a very nice tourist office, which helped me out enormously. They offered me a hotel room (plus free public transport) for only 600 Swedish Crowns a night, which is about 70 euros. Honestly, compared to the real prices, this is quite a nice deal! You know I normally try to find accommodation on Trivago, but for under 120 euros a night, there weren’t a lot of centrally located hotels to stay in. The hotel was called Hellsten Malmgard and this was quite a nice one. The bed in this hotel actually was one of the highlight of this citytrip.

Globen, the largest spherical building in the world

One of the many cool artworks of Moderna Museet

Eat cunt for mental health? Only in Stockholm!

Anyway, what I did like about Stockholm was the cosmopolitan feel of – and the restaurant and bar scene on – Södermalm, the biggest of Stockholm’s fourteen islands, and the hippest place to stay/eat/drink. I did meet some cool people who offered me garlic beer and snooze (at café Bröderna Olssen), tobacco you put under your lip. Of course I had to try both, but felt sorry for myself immediately. If I can ever give you a good tip: never drink beer with garlic in it! The snooze makes you a bit dizzy, which is fine if you’re getting drunk anyway.

Sorry bout the quality of this pictures. I just wanted to show you the bits and pieces of garlic floating in this beer.


Anyway, I will stop talking now and let you enjoy Stockholm. I know most of you won’t even read till the end and only look at the pictures. Which will probably give you the impression Sweden’s capital is f*cking amazing. And maybe you’ll think it is. And maybe you should try it yourself. And maybe you should think I’m an idiot for not liking Stockholm that much. That’s fine. As long as you keep traveling, I’m happy. And maybe, just maybe, I should give Stockholm (and Oslo and Copenhagen) another chance in the not so near future. I probably will…

Somewhere on Gamla Stan, the old city of Stockholm

I like this picture.

Watch out for Klamydia-Mandagen!

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