Good morning, good afternoon or good night, dear fans of the.ego.tripper! I think I should start this blogpost by telling you how welcome you are on my new blog. Well, actually, it’s not a new blog, it’s just a new lay-out (one that you don’t like yet, but will learn to love). What do you think? Oh, the stache, what’s up with the stache. Good question, folks. It’s quite simple: I was just looking for some sort of logo and I just happened to grow a fancy moustache over the last couple of weeks (check out my latest Instagram in the sidebar of this blog). Anyway, you’ll notice some pictures still look a little bit strange. I’m working on it, so don’t you worry!

So, back to the travel action, because that is what you’re here for, aren’t you? I promised on twitter that I would write a post on California. You want to know why? Because september is the perfect month for a Californian getaway. And I know, I’ve done it twice in September. Also, I thought I’d offer you a fantastic road book on California. On how to do it in two to three weeks. Why? Because people always ask me where to go in California. This article is the perfect excuse to tell these people to go look it up on the.ego.tripper.

California has been a favorite travel destination of many Belgians over the last couple of years. And it’s not hard to imagine why! The diversity! That’s it. The diversity. There aren’t that much places in the world where you can drive from the desert – with a temperature of 50 degrees Celsius – to the mountains and a green and lush national park – with a temperature of about 18 degrees Celsius – in just a couple of hours. Or where you can drive from a farm house in a hickey underworld to the world’s coolest party (by which I mean Las Vegas of course).

Los Angeles

Anyway, check out this itinerary, which is perfect for a 14 to 18 day getaway: you land in Los Angeles and spend a couple of days there (tip: stay in one of the beach towns!), drive to San Diego and enjoy the beach and citylife. Then head back north, towards Palm Springs. I know you think this is only for old people, but actually it’s quite cool and something ‘different’. Besides, you probably won’t make it from San Diego to Las Vegas in one go (you could actually, but it’s quite a drive). After one or two nights in golfer’s heaven, drive to Vegas and be amazed! Party hard, gamble (but only what you can miss, don’t overdo it!), sleep in one of the many cool hotels (preferably with mirrors on the ceiling), party again and then get some breakfast. Repeat every day.

San Diego

San Diego

After all that partying you have to make a decision: go to the many amazing national parks in the Vegas area: Grand Canyon, Zion NP, Bryce NP. Or just head directly to Death Valley, where you’ll probably be staying in a town called Stovepipe Wells. Enjoy the scenery and the heat, because the day after you’ll find yourself in Yosemite National Park, where the temperature is a whole better (colder). Stay one night in the east of the park (tip: Tuolumne Meadows) and one night in Curry Village (which is now infested with a strange disease). Here you’ll have to make another decision: if you still have time to go to Lake Tahoe (this is not on the map, but it’s a few hours drive up north from the east exit of Yosemite), please do so. If not, head directly to San Francisco, where you can spend your last holi-days. Or, if you more time on your hands and don’t know what to do with it: take highway 101 and drive back to Los Angeles along the coast, where you’ll fall in love with Big Sur. If you wanna do all of the above, please take at least a month off. Enjoy!!

Palm Springs

Vegas, baby!

Get drunk and get married, like I did!

Ah, one more thing: it can get quite hot in some parts of California. So never forget to take water with you while driving, especially in Death Valley. And also it’s quite a good idea to get the car upgrade. Six cilinders come in quite handy sometimes, you’ll see.

Death Valley

Somewhere between Death Valley and Yosemite

Yosemite National Park

Close to Curry Village, Yosemite

Lake Tahoe, north side

The bridge to San Francisco.

The famous tram

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