Because traveling doesn’t necessarily mean going on an airplane or driving your car for more than ten hours straight, I thought I’d share a little ‘local’ secret with you. If you happen to be from Antwerp or happen to visit in this month of September (please do so!), you’ll want to visit ‘Casa Bacardi’, the first Belgian speakeasy pop-up bar secretly located behind a bookstore in the centre of the city. I don’t think I’m allowed to write down the address, but if you go to you can apply for a key.

The bookstore and entrance to the party

Anyway, obviously the.ego.tripper got invited to the opening night of this very secret and supercool (kinda fancy as well) cocktail bar. Needless to say I was underdressed. And impressed! I had never set foot in this fancy mansion before (and I actually live around the corner), so my jaw dropped when seeing the interior, the garden, the decor. Very impressive! The whole setting provides the perfect atmosphere for a classy night out. And how bout that deejay? Isn’t he the world’s coolest? Yes, he is!

So, this speakeasy cocktail bar is quite exclusive. Well, it has to be when world famous mixologists like Alex Kratena (voted the world’s best bartender) from the Artesian Bar in London are making magic in a cup. Or a tumbler glass. But other famous cocktail makers are joining the party in September. Casa Bacardi opens every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night this month, every night with another mixologist. Which means you can get drunk on different cocktails every bar night. Oh wait, getting drunk is not the point of this speakeasy bar. Please read the house rules before entering!

Alex Kratena

The House Rules

Anyway, if you’re not sure you’re gonna get in, you can always try to convince me to come. I happen to have a key. A key you need to enter the premises. Or you can try and convince the door man (this is the guy eyeballing you while reading a book in the bookstore). He probably takes cash. And female charm. So do I.

The key

The dude to convince

the.ego.tripper loves family resorts, bingo, kids peeing in the pool, breakfast buffets, hotel animation, tourist traps and group day tours.

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