It’s the eleventh of October, ladies and gentlemen, and you know what that means: it’s time to start planning your winter escape. And no, I don’t mean your sexy time in Bangkok, I’m talking about your ski or snowboard trip. But where to go, dear the.ego.tripper? Honestly, I don’t have a clue. Last time I went snowboarding I was probably 20 years old, which is more than ten years ago. Djeez, getting old. Back then, I could only afford a winter holiday cause my parents were paying. When I had to start paying for it myself, I decided a snowboarding trip was too expensive and it made more sense to take the money and go to countries like India or Mexico, where you could spend three to six weeks for the same amount of money.

But nowadays I’m rich and famous. That was a lie. I’m neither rich nor famous. But if I was (or were?), I’d go to these mountains.

Yes, this is Mount Yotei in Japan. It’s a volcano. I like volcanoes. They’re hot!

Yes, this is Finnish Lapland and yes, it is the Aurora Borealis you’re looking at.

Yes, this is Treble Cone ski resort in New Zealand. Good guess!

Yes, this is Treble Cone again. Cause it’s so awesome!

Yes, this is Whistler in Canada. NICE! This is one of the best places to go on vacation during the winter in Canada since the snow is always fresh and the hotels are cheap.

the.ego.tripper loves family resorts, bingo, kids peeing in the pool, breakfast buffets, hotel animation, tourist traps and group day tours.

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