Do you remember the article I wrote on traveling in Colombia? Well, I didn’t. And that’s why I’m gonna give you some more Colombia. Why? Because I can. And because it looks amazing. And because I’ve got Shakira’s fantastic hit record ‘Waka Waka, this time for Africa’ stuck in my brain. God, that’s annoying. Waka waka wa yele waka waka weyo yeyo, waka mama di ye yo, waka waka Africa. This is the version that has got stuck in my head.

Anyway, people, cheer up: WAKA WAKA, it’s time for Colombia! It’s time to go walking in Colombia. Leather tramping, that’s how we (fans of ‘Into the wild’) like to call it. You start of in Bogota, which apparently is brilliant for cycling. But after that, it’s all walking, ladies and gentlemen. From the palm tree beaches, through the mysterious jungle, to the snow covered peaks of the Andes mountains.

Ah yes, in Colombia you can go on a search for El Dorado, the mythical land of gold. Call me if you find it and offer me a piece. Apparently El Dorado is situated in the highlands of Boyaca and the national park of El Cocuy. I don’t think they are very sure about this, but you never know. And if you don’t find gold, no worries, you’ll have awesome memories of Colombia to cherish for the rest of your lives.

the.ego.tripper loves family resorts, bingo, kids peeing in the pool, breakfast buffets, hotel animation, tourist traps and group day tours.

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