Before I start to explain to you how brilliant the title of this blogpost is, I must warn you. My ego just got a lot bigger (you could already feel a hint of arrogance in that first sentence, couldn’t you?). Why? Mainly because the awesome Belgian travel magazine ‘Grande’ wrote an article on the.ego.tripper. And we (I mean ‘I’) get a pretty good write up. For those of you who don’t speak dutch: it basically says the.ego.tripper is interesting, funny and gets updated a lot. Thanks! I’m truly honored.

But now back to the title of this blogpost. And why it’s brilliant. You see, Gdansk in German is Danzig and Danzig happens to be the awesome rock band responsible for the rock classic ‘Mother’. If you haven’t heard of Danzig before, please allow yourself to feel a little bit of shame, but also joy because you’re getting to know it now:

Anyway, Gdansk is one of Poland’s main cities. Or should I say tri-cities? You see, Gdansk is often referred to as part of the Tri-city, formed by Sopot, Gdynia and Gdansk. This tri-city has a population of a little less than a million, which probably makes it the mother of all tri-cities (I made this info up, if you know other tri-cities bigger and better, please don’t mention it in a comment, thank you).

But now for the most important question: is Gdansk – or the Tri-city – worth visiting? Of course it is, if you don’t expect the most amazing city in the world. Or in Poland even. Gdansk itself has a reasonably picturesque little old city center, it has a lot of water, a few good restaurants and some more good places to drink. If you go in winter time – and why don’t you go there on New Year’s Eve? – please dress appropriately. Gdansk can get quite cold. And windy. And snowy. On the other hand, the wodka is cheap and this will keep you warm, I promise! Only downside is that you will come back with crappy pictures like these, because you will be too drunk to care.

If you are looking for a party, while in the Tri-city, you should take the train to Sopot. This is a little party town, built with only one purpose (unfortunately not to charm tourists with beautiful architecture): party. Again, if you go there on NYE, be careful with the fireworks. Honestly, I had to find shelter in a phone booth and had to stay there for about thirty minutes. Luckily I was packing wodka.

Anyway, if you get tired of partying and get tired of beautiful old city centers, you can always go to Gdynia. Which doesn’t offer that much at all. An aquarium, a harbor, a few ships you can visit, … that’s about it. Okay for a ‘hair of the dog’ kinda drink, but then go back to Sopot or Gdansk asap. Na zdrowie!

Photo credit: zkvrev / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

Photo credit: Bartek Kuzia / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

Photo credit: Rafal Konkolewski / Foter / CC BY-SA

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