Hola, que tal, hombres y mujeres, niños y niñas? Comò estais hoy? Bien? Alright, good! That concludes your Spanish lesson for today. But not to worry, ladies and gentlemen, there is more Spain (not Spanish) to come. As you can read in the title, this blogpost is all about the wonderful town of Cádiz, in the southwest of Spain. I can’t remember ever telling you about this fantastic village. Which is a bit strange, cause I’ve always loved Cádiz, ever since I went there with my wife in 2004. It must have been mid November that year. And coincidentally, it is mid November again. Temperatures in Belgium are changing rapidly. It’s getting cold, people. But in Cádiz it’s still 20 degrees Celsius. If that isn’t reason enough to go there, keep reading…

But wait, first this: did you see my brand new and highly interactive MAPS? Yes, since day 1 I’ve dreamed of clickable maps on the.ego.tripper. If you have a destination in mind, search for it on the map, see if I’ve been there, click and start reading! Obviously not all the places I’ve visited have been put on the maps, nor the places I haven’t been to but still have written about, but they will be in a near future. It already took me quite some time to get these three maps finished. Anyway, on the European map you’ll see a lot of yellow flags. Those are the places I still have to blog about. I didn’t know I still had so much more to tell you. I thought you sucked me dry. But it seems I’ve got much more to give. So please, don’t stop sucking, people!

(sorry, but I stole this picture from somewhere on the web, just because it was so interesting. If you are the photograper: kudos and sorry for stealing)

Now back to Cádiz: Cádiz is a very very very charming harbor city that reminds me and/or you a bit of Cuba’s capital, Havana. It has a certain je-ne-sais-quoi (ah finally I get to use this expression!), it’s somehow different from the rest of Andalusia. And it has a very similar ‘Malécon’ to Havana’s seaside boardwalk. Cádiz is also the only Spanish city which hasn’t been conquered by the Moors. At least, that’s what I always thought, but it seems my information is not very accurate. Maybe you know? Anyway, the city nowadays is still very special. The old historical centre is located on a very narrow piece of land surrounded on three sides by the sea. There’s only one road that leads to this fantastic centre (imagine the trafic problems). But once you’ve entered, you’ll never want to leave. The narrow roads always lead to the beach, to beautiful plazas like Plaza de Mina, to the brilliant cathedral or to a tapas bar. The food is nice and the inhabitants of Cádiz are friendly and pretty laid back. The city’s history will take you back over 3.000 years and in the Cadiz Museum you’ll even find paintings by Rubens, which makes the link with Antwerp quite obvious.

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