Let me disappoint you right away: this blogpost is not about taking a shit in Seattle. NOT! No, for once my number 2 has got nothing to do with feces. Instead, the number two represents the second chance I ought to give Seattle. (it’s also the second coolest city in the American North West, right behind Portland)

So, Seattle, have you been? What do you think? I’m actually quite confused. You know how a city just fails to impress you sometimes? It’s like my first visits to London so many years ago. It was exactly what Shania Twain warned me about: that don’t impress me much! But after countless visits I’ve come to love London. And I think I could feel the same way about Seattle. I just need a second chance. A number 2.

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One of the coolest things about Seattle is the monorail. Because it’s a frikkin’ monorail. It reminds me of the Simpsons. But more importantly: it takes you to the Space Needle. And the nicest thing about this ‘monument’ is that it shelters you from the never ending rain. The area around the Space Needle is actually quite nice, especially when there is a festival like Bumbershoot going on. If there isn’t you should visit EMP, Experience Music Project, a very special construction that holds everything you would like to know about music. Also, you can pretend to be a rock star yourself. Like!

Another must visit in Seattle is Pike Place Market, probably the most famous tourist trap (in a good way) in Seattle. They call this ‘the soul’ of the city. And it is brilliant: fresh produce, smelly fish (again, in a good way), artists and musicians. And the first ever Starbucks right around the corner! If you’re into Starbucks coffee, you will not want to miss this place (beware there is another Starbucks in the area, so don’t go making pictures of yourself standing in front of the wrong one).

What else is cool in Seattle? Not the weather, I can tell you this much! So stay inside, preferably in the SAM, the Seattle Art Museum. Again: frikkin’ awesome. If, by chance, it stops raining outside, head towards Pioneer Square or go on a man hunt for Jimmy Hendrix, or at least his statue.

Looking at my pictures now, I feel like I maybe have not tried hard enough to actually like or love Seattle. It’s quite an amazing city, but it just didn’t really blow my socks off, if you know what I mean. I had expected the birthplace of all music I love, of creativity and revolution. But instead I found myself in the rain, walking the grey streets of the city center, not even enjoying the coffee from the 1971 Starbucks. Maybe it was because of my jet lag. Or maybe Portland already set such high hopes for the North West of the States. I don’t know man. All I know is this: I have to go number 2 soon. A second chance for Seattle.

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