Grüss Gott, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls and welcome back to the.ego.tripper. I hope you’ve missed me while I was enjoying life to the fullest in mondaine Ischgl. I know I missed you, that’s for sure. And a bit of a lie at the same time, because in all of my excitement and enthusiasm I barely found the time to wipe my ass after pooping, let alone miss you much. I was just too ischgzited to gain information, which I could share with you. So let’s go.

But before we go, I’ve got something completely different to tell you. I got invited to go to Ischgl for a newspaper I write for, which means it was a press trip, which means I had to share the experience with other journalists. Normally this is the only downside to press trips, cause not all journalists are awesome (this is quite an understatement). But fortunately on this trip there were some pretty decent people. And some of those people told me they work for online magazines. And they shared tricks to gain more readers. Like SEO. This was gibberish for me, cause I tend not to care about how many people read my nonsense. But but but, I thought I’d give it a try nonetheless. They told me people search for keywords. And the popular keywords get you higher in a Google rating. But what are the keywords? Good question. The answer is quite confusing: Kate Middleton, cupcakes and nail art. When I heard this, I started wondering how I could get these search terms to appear in my newest blogpost. A tricky one. Cause I don’t like cupcakes, I don’t even know what the fuck nail art is and I couldn’t care less about Kate Middleton. But you see, I’ve already mentioned them twice now, so mission accomplished. And my apologies to people actually looking for information on Kate Middleton, cupcakes or nail art. I’ve got nothing. But please keep reading.

For all of my real fans: sorry for this short intermezzo. Back to Ischgl. I got invited to witness the opening of the ski season, with the legendary top of the mountain concert. Headliner: Scorpions. Or The Scorpions. Whatever. All I know is these old German dudes ‘wocked my world’ (if you pronounce this in German English, it’ll start making sense). Anyway, I had never been to Ischgl before and I really had no idea what to expect other than ski slopes, après ski slopes and drunken dudes puking in every direction. That was pretty much spot on. But in a good way. The snow was brilliant, which is kinda weird this time a year perhaps. The slopes were half empty and virginlike. The sun was shining, the beer and glühwein were flowing, the schlager music was pounding through the music installations. Ow boy ow boy ow boy, did I have a good time. Wasn’t it expensive, dear the.ego.tripper? Again, good question. But I have no idea. I didn’t pay for anything, except for the Whopper menu I got at Burger King to cure my epic hangover. Which cost me 9.30 euro. So it’s pretty safe to say Ischgl is expensive. But all your money spent over there is an investment, that’s how I see it. Not in your health, but in inspiration, enthusiasm, passion. I’ll stop writing clichés now and start offering you pictures. See ya, dudes!

Yes, this is me underneath all that blackness.

A few of my colleagues. You were awesome. Except for this guy in the middle, I have no idea who you are.

Oh, one more thing. I finally got the chance to test my new camera, the Canon EOS-M. These last five or six pictures are proof that the camera is actually quite cool (the first five or six I made with my S3). Although it is a bit slow to focus, but then again, so am I.

the.ego.tripper loves family resorts, bingo, kids peeing in the pool, breakfast buffets, hotel animation, tourist traps and group day tours.

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