Howdy how, dear friends. How are you today? Cold, snowy? Yeah, me too. I even fell off my bike today, but luckily there was a red car – possibly a Ferrari – and its side mirror to keep me somewhat upright. If you happen to be the owner of this car, I’m truly sorry. Anyway, water… bridge…

So how bout that title huh? Party in Porto. You might have seen similar titles here on the.ego.tripper. But I just like to party. One could say I’m a party boy. Especially abroad. And why not in Porto soon? Yeah, great idea! Before telling you how awesome Porto is for a quick citytrip, I want to tell you I’m not gonna make the comparison with Lisbon. I don’t want things to end in this Barcelona-Madrid quarrel we had last year. But I will say this: although I like Lisbon, I feel Porto is just that bit cooler. Feel free to disagree. Maybe it’s because you go to cities like Porto without the highest expectations, don’t you? That’s different with Lisbon, obviously.

To me, Porto is all about atmosphere and ambiance. The city feels vibrant and looks gorgeous, especially around Ribeira and Vila Nova da Gaia. Seafood is everywhere, as is the water, the bridges, the trams, the cathedrals, the old houses, the hills, the Port wine, … Should I continue? Now, back to the party. At night, Porto has even more to offer. By which I mean: bars and discotheques. I won’t bother you with stories of drunkenness, or with pictures of it. But I will show you this:

Porto 2

Porto 1
(sorry Thomas Cook, I stole this picture from you)

Porto 5

Porto 4

Porto 3

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