Good morning, ladies and gentlemen (or good afternoon, evening, night). Did I ever tell you that I got the chance to go to Graubünden in Switzerland and I said no? Probably not, cause stuff like that embarrasses me. Lesson number one you learn on the.ego.tripper: never say no to a free trip. Especially when it involves Switzerland, luxury, snowboard and spa. I know, I’m a dumb ass! I even forgot why I said no. Anyway, they will come back to me and make me another offer, won’t you, dearest Graubünden tourist office? I know you will…

So, what the hç!! is Graubünden and how do you pronounce it if you’re not from – let’s say – Switzerland, Austria or Germany? I know the Umlaut (which is the ¨ on the u) has got you confused. So let’s go with Grau-buenden. Something like that yeah. Anyway, Graubünden is the most popular holiday destination in Switzerland and also the highest ski area of the entire Alps. And Graubünden is versatile: you can play golf, go hiking and mountainbiking, you can swim in the many beautiful lakes (please only do so in Summer time), you can relax in luxurious spas, you can go shopping in mondaine towns but also enjoy the picturesque sights of charming Swiss villages. It’s all about nature, culture, history, outdoor sports and indoor relaxation.

Fortunately, the.ego.tripper doesn’t really care for all of that when he is on a snowboarding trip. What interests me most is this: how is the snow and how are the slopes? The answer is: impressive. Graubünden is home to over 40 ski resorts with a total of 2.200 kilometers of slopes. Doesn’t matter what level a snowboarder or skier you are, in Graubünden you get to do your thing. For those of you who want to go off piste or pull some tricks in halfpipes, there are plenty of opportunities too.

But is it expensive, dear the.ego.tripper? Good question, my friend. And the answer is this: it is Switzerland, of course it’s expensive. But but but, it doesn’t have to be outrageously expensive. All depends where you go (for instance, don’t expect cheap stuff in Davos or Sankt Moritz) and what you do (don’t expect cheap stuff if you want to bathe in an infinity pool with mountain view). If you’re thinking of spending your holiday there, please check out Graubünden’s website. And please don’t forget to bring Swiss Francs, this currency converter at Travelex could come in quite handy. Have fun!!







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(pictures copyright Graubünden tourism)

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