Buenas tardes, amigos. If you’re already clueless now: good evening, friends. Since I feel a bit feverish after my flight from Cuba to Paris yesterday – and I took way too much aspirin with codeine (long live codeine!) a few hours ago – I will keep this blogpost short and simple. The way you like it. With plenty of pictures and just a short amount of my bullshit.

Anyway, if you are following me on twitter or facebook, you will have noticed I spent a week in Havana for the cigar festival, called Festival del Habano 2013. I got invited by the lovely people of CubaCigar and I kindly accepted, although I’m not a big cigar afficionado. But you know, also I am growing old, so chances are I’ll start doing old men stuff, like grow inner ear hair and smoke Cuban cigars. So I tagged along. You might remember I’ve been to Havana before and that I wasn’t too convinced of the touristy stuff the city has to offer. Well, I’m still not. Havana is still a derelict place, with colorful cars and colorful houses that used to be beautiful. Havana is still perfect for drinking cheap ass rhum, but everything else is way too expensive. Spending CUC’s – the convertible peso – is a must for tourists. And especially for those wanting to go to the Festival del Habano without an accreditation. Luckily I was freeloading.

But – and you know I’m an optimistic kinda guy – Havana is something special at the same time. If you half-close your eyes, it is even kinda magical. With kids playing football on little squares, laughing and jumping, with pretty old buildings that could use a facelift-light, with young pretty girls trying to jump your bones in a crowded discotheque, … You’ve got to love it! Sure, Cuban food is about the worst you can get. But does this really matter (the actual answer is yes, but for the sake of my story we’ll say this:)? No! Because the country will always have cigars! And cigar smokers are king! Cohiba, Romeo y Julieta, Montecristo, Hoyo de Monterrey, Partagas, … Ah man, those names sound like porn in cigar lover’s ears.

Sorry, I was gonna keep this shorter and simpler. But I’ve still got something to tell you. The Festival del Habano is a very VIP kinda event. I stayed in the famous Hotel Nacional de Cuba and I shared the top floor with peepz like Medvedev (is he the Russian president of PM, I forgot). Also present: Boris Becker. And if you’re from Belgium this will impress even more: Goedele Liekens. Yeah, she’s cool. Anyway, guess I should stop bothering you now and start showing you pictures. Here we go. Enjoy, amigos!

Cuba 8

Cuba 9

Cuba 10

Cuba 11

Cuba 12

Cuba 13

Cuba 14

Cuba 15

Cuba 16

cuba 1

Cuba 2

Cuba 3

Cuba 4

Cuba 5

Cuba 6

Cuba 7
(previous pics all shot with my Canon EOS M, the following three with my Samsung Galaxy S3 cell)

havana 1
Boris Becker

havana 2

havana 3
City view (it was kinda stormy and rainy at the time) from the Hotel Nacional de Cuba

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