First of all, ladies and gentlemen, I’m lying to you again. I’m not doing a top ten on the worlds most amazing natural hot springs. If you scroll down to the pictures, you’ll see that I only mentioned six hot springs (there are even two pictures of the same hot spring). But it looks a bit foolish to say: top six… You understand, don’t you? I’ll stop lying now.

So, peepz, I was actually writing this story for a luxury magazine, but I thought I’d offer you the preview. Why? Because you guys are frikking awesome. Damn, lied again. But you are pretty okay, I must admit. Anyway, back to the hot springs. So the idea was to make a list of the six/ten most amazing natural hot springs in the world, hence the title of this blogpost. Damn, sometimes being a blogger is amazingly simple, isn’t it? Oh, one more thing. Normally I would have come up with a more spectacular title, like ‘don’t burn your ass’ or ‘jump in, mofo!’, but it seems like I get more visitors from Google when I write boring shit like top ten lists. We’ll see if this one makes the all-time favorite list. If not, I will never bother you again with lists and top tens. Or sixes.

But back to the hot springs. Yeah, well, not much to say about them, is there. They’re hot? Correct! They’re jawdroppingly beautiful? Most of them, yes. They’re infested with monkeys? One of them is… This blogpost should never make anyone’s favorite list? YOU’RE DAMN RIGHT. Enjoy the pics, folks!

grand prismatic spring
Grand Prismatic Spring, Yellowstone NP, USA.

grand prismatic spring 2
Same as previous one.

glenwood springs 2
Glenwood Springs, somewhere in the US of A.

blue lagoon
Blue Lagoon in Iceland.

Saturnia, Italy.

Arenal, Costa Rica.

Jigukudani, Japan. Where else?

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