Dear fans of the.ego.tripper (wink wink), how’s life? … That’s good to hear. But of course you’re more interested in mine, cause you think I do all kinds of crazy shit on a weekly basis. This is not entirely untrue of course. Last weekend got pretty crazy. I had my first facial ever. Not the sexy kind. The good kind, where a woman rubs gooey stuff all over your face (I know this sounds pretty hot, but it’s still the non-sexy kind of facial, I swear Mum!) in order to ‘make you look pretty’.

This all happened in Zeeland, which is not New Zealand, but it’s still pretty cool. So what’s going on in Zeeland, you ask? Good question! Not that much. And that’s the whole point of Zeeland: you go there for relaxation purposes. Hence the facial. But there is more. Fine dining for instance. I had the pleasure of eating at La Trinité, a great restaurant with one Michelin star, located in Sluis. The food was exquisite. Forgot what I had though, cause with every course they served a new glass of wine. Which made me drunk. I know there was a foam of something, with a splash of something else, a piece of crab, a tartare of fishy deliciousness, a marshmallow of something else and a ball of … You get the point. It was delish!

What else is cool in Zeeland? Cycling of course. Especially when you get an electric bike. And you might think an electric bike is made for the lazy and/or the elderly. And you would probably be right, but it’s also made for the.ego.tripper! Must get me one of those in the near future. From now on there is no shame in admitting you ride an electric bike. Unlike segways, you still look like an idiot when riding a segway.

What else? Shopping perhaps? Yes, Sluis is home to many fine erotic shops, where you can find gadgets and outfits from the late seventies till modern times. What else? Ah yes, outdoor sports of course. I had the pleasure to go BloKarting, which is basically wind-karting on the beach. Best time of my life? No. Fun to do with a couple of friends? Sure. If you prefer to actually go into the water, Stand Up Paddling might be your cup of tea. I let the instructor go in first, to see how he struggled with the big waves. Then I decided a facial was the better option.

Zeeland 9

Zeeland 8

Zeeland 7

Zeeland 5

Zeeland 6

Zeeland 4

Zeeland 3

Zeeland 2

Zeeland 1

the.ego.tripper loves family resorts, bingo, kids peeing in the pool, breakfast buffets, hotel animation, tourist traps and group day tours.

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