Sorry, I don’t want to confuse you with the title of this blogpost. I didn’t spent the night at Meiniger Brussels, but after telling you about this brand new hotel slash hostel, I’m sure I will be staying there for free in the near future. Please include breakfast!

For now, back to the hotel. Meininger Group opened their first Belgian hotel/hostel in Belgium on the first of May. It goes by the name of Meininger Hotel Brussels City Center, which is – I have to admit – not the shortest of names, but at least it gives you plenty of information about the hotel. For instance, you now know it’s located in the city center of Brussels. To be more specific: at the Henegouwenkaai, close to metro station Graaf Van Vlaanderen. It offers 150 rooms, 719 beds, five stories of hotel fun and urban traveller atmosphere.

What makes this Meininger hotel quite interesting (next to the fact that it’s a hotel AND hostel under one roof), is the building. It used to be part of the former Bellevue brewery. And you can still see (and maybe even smell?) the industrial history everywhere! To create a nice contrast, the rooms are modern and minimalistic. The lobby is quite large, but drinking is done at the original bar in one of the historic rooms of the building. Meininger also offers a kitchen for travellers who like to cook their own meals, free wifi in every room (how come there are still hotels out there that don’t offer free wifi?), a laundry room and a game room.

Theme of the hotel is ‘The Urban Artists Home’, cause when renovating this building the contracter stumbled upon some very cool street art. The hotel owners then hired twenty European street artists to create that unique atmosphere young urban travellers are looking for. I’m already looking forward to spending a night at this place. Please also include free beer!

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