Hello folks! (burp) Sorry, I’m still recovering from my long weekend in London. I drank and I ate. And I repeated that cycle several times. And I partied. Only one time, till about five o’clock. Then I felt like an old man and had to go home to drink a whisky and smoke a Cuban cigar. Damn! I AM AN OLD MAN.

No, seriously. Where in London do you go when you want to have a great meal and a great party afterwards? Well, I guess about anywhere, but my suggestion is Shoreditch. After a James Bond walking tour (not in Shoreditch obviously) me and my buddy chose one of the many fine Vietnamese restaurants in Shoreditch, named Que Viet (I would suggest the Golden Pancakes and Self-Rolling Garlic Beef). After ordering way too much, and with a huge indigestion, we set off for drinks at Hoxton Square. And for more drinks at Electricity Showrooms. And for more drinks at Cargo Club (this is quite a cool club, but what’s up with the price of the beer? Five pounds for beer in a can??? Can you spell the.rip.off?).


elec showrooms

electricity showrooms

London Cargo 2

London Cargo

When my cellphone informed me it was almost 5 am, and the sun already started to rise (what’s up with that, London?), I was ready for bed. But instead I drank whisky and smoked a cigar. Probably not the best idea. But, ladies and gentlemen, luckily London is a great place to wake up in with a hangover. You wanna know why? Because of places like Burger & Lobster, Meat Liquor and Patty & Bun. We decided to go to the latter, where we queued up for about an hour before getting a table and a very dirty (in a good way) Ari Gold cheeseburger.



London Patty

After eating, there’s more drinking. It’s one of life’s little rules of physics, isn’t it? That means the time has come to discover some of the great pubs Wapping has to offer. Some pubs in this neighbourhood, like the Prospect of Whitby or Captain Kidd have fantastic beer gardens overlooking the river Thames. After a few beers here and there it’s time to go partying again. Well, if you’re an old man in a young man’s body – like myself – this is the time to go home. Which I didn’t. And you won’t either.

Anyway, on day three, when it’s time to go home, please take the bike or tube to Tate Modern. It’s free of charge, you won’t understand any of the artwork, but at least you don’t have to go home and tell everyone all you did is eat and drink. Nah, just kiddin’! Obviously Tate Modern is wonderful. Not only cause they don’t charge you to get in. Also because of the artw. Aargh, I’m not fooling anyone, right? I just walked in, checked in on Foursquare, walked out again, got a coffee and sat in the park a few blocks down the road. To sleep it off in the sun. Brilliant! How I love London…

London Tate

London 2

London Tate 2

London Eye

EDIT: In case you’ve never been to London before, please don’t do what I did. First visit all the highlights – like Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, Tower Bridge, Trafalgar Square and St. Paul’s Cathedral – before hitting the bars and clubs. Thank you for your consideration.

the.ego.tripper loves family resorts, bingo, kids peeing in the pool, breakfast buffets, hotel animation, tourist traps and group day tours.

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