Do you know where your teenager is at 5 o’clock in the morning? By teenager, I mean boyfriend/husband. And by 5 o’clock, I mean 5 o’clock on the 21st and/or 22nd of June. The answer is this, my friends: in a strip club in Prague. That’s right, the.ego.tripper was asked to organize a stag party. And because the.ego.tripper is a classy dude, he decided on Prague. Cause you know, Prague is home to many fine highlights such as Charles Bridge, Prague Castle, the Old Town Square, the Jewish cemetery, …

Ah, almost forgot to mention the strip clubs. You see, people, I’ve been getting emails from girlfriends and wives of guys going on this trip with me. For some reason they don’t really trust the.ego.tripper. They mostly just want to know what an evening in a strip club looks like. How it works. How far it goes. And I’ve been reassuring them. Don’t worry, ladies, those pretty little eastern European chicks won’t allow dirty hands from your butt ugly boyfriends/husbands on their ravishing bodies. Then the girlfriends nod in approval. They can understand that.

But, my dearest friends, seems like I’ve been lying to them. Didn’t mean to of course, but perhaps my experience in strip clubs is quite limited. Or I’ve only been to the ‘nicer’ places where they don’t offer you hand jobs for less than five euros. Seems like in Prague almost everything is possible. One of the most famous clubs offers mud wrestling, which looks quite funny to be honest. But another famous club offers escort service and other happy endings. Or how about that sauna club? Or the girls market, where you can find any kind you want? Oh boy, can you feel it, ladies and gentlemen? Can you feel it? This is not going to end well, I tells ya. Anyway, that’s hardly my problem, is it? I’m the one arranging everything, so my job is to make sure everyone is having a great time. That’s why I’m asking you, dear fans, do you have any experience strip clubbing in Prague? If so, any recommendations? GoldFingers, K5, Darling Cabaret, Captain Nemo, Atlas Cabaret, Sauna Club, Extasy, Hot Pepper’s, …?

Oh, one more thing. For those friends who are joining me in Prague: it might be best if your girlfriends/wives don’t get to read this blogpost. Not sure how to handle that though, but I can imagine you’ve become very resourceful after so many years of marriage. Good luck, fellas.


hot peppers





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