Dear fans of the.ego.tripper, have you already made any plans for your holiday? Can I make a suggestion? How bout you and I go to Lord Howe Island this year? You know, Lord Howe Island, aka paradise? Wait, I’ll show you!

Lord Howe Island is situated in the Tasman sea between Australia and New-Zealand, approximately 700 kilometers (or a two hour flight) northeast of Sydney. This island is Unesco World Heritage and it’s not so hard to see why. Because it’s fucking beautiful!! Also because it’s home to a few species of animals and plants that don’t exist anywhere else in this world.

Anyway, the island is about 11 kilometers long and 2 k wide. The southern part of Lord Howe Island is all subtropical rainforest, perfect for hiking. But obviously you’re more keen on spending your time in the Lagoon, aren’t you? Damn right! This is truly a paradise for scuba divers and snorklers (is this a word?). Here you can actually find the most southern reef in the world, home to over 90 types of coral and over 900 species of tropical and subtropical fish. Cause it’s so far away from the Australian mainland and there are no rivers on the island bringing water back to the ocean, the underwater view is always about 30 meters.

So, how much does this cost? Good question, folks! You won’t be surprised when I say: a lot. A lot. There’s the plane to Sydney or Brisbane which is already quite costly. Then there’s your transportation to the island. And then there’s accommodation… Apparently there are only 400 touristic beds on this island. Which is good, I guess, cause having too many tourists is just never okay, is it? On the other hand, prices for those beds can get up as high as 900 Australian dollars (about 640 euros) per person per night (in high season). For that kind of cash you will be treated like royalty. Especially when you stay in Capella Lodge. But it’s probably worth it. Can you see yourself drinking champagne in your private jacuzzi overlooking the ocean? I can!

Oh, one more thing: for those of you who don’t have that kind of cash, the tourism board of Lord Howe Island has come up with a solution. You get the chance to win a stay on their island and you can enter that competition right here.

ST DLX - Lord Howe 10

ST DLX - Lord Howe 4

ST DLX - Lord Howe 7

ST DLX - Lord Howe 12

ST DLX - Lord Howe 2

ST DLX - Lord Howe 11

ST DLX - Lord Howe 5

ST DLX - Lord Howe 8

ST DLX - Lord Howe 14

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