Wow, how long has it been since I posted something on the.ego.tripper? Too long, that’s right. But I’ve got a great excuse: I’ve been traveling. But now I’m back and able to share all of my stories with you. But where have I been? Well, if you look at the title of this blogpost it’s quite obvious: Switzerland! Can you believe I had actually never been there? Bad bad ego.tripper! Cause you know what? You should all take a trip to Switzerland. Soon! Now! Leave!

So, I was in Switzerland for about a week, traveling in style in a 160.000 euro Jaguar XKR-S convertible. I’ll show you pictures of the car tomorrow. That’s right, folks. I’m back tomorrow for part 2 of… SWITZERLAND BLOG WEEK! Hooray! But first things first: Basel. After a six hour drive from Antwerp, my hometown, I arrived in Basel. Didn’t really know what was going on there, but once I arrived, I knew immediately I made the right choice. Basel is cool!

Everywhere you look in Basel, you’ll see the Rhein river. And it is awesome. When I arrived at the river bank, I saw people swimming in it. But how were they not drowning? The current seemed so strong. The answer is this, my friends: cause they had swimming bags, or Schwimmsacken as they say in German. What a great idea. It was like people were actually swimming back from their place of work. Rhein commuting if you will. Awesome.

But there was more going on near the Rhein. On the right bank people were sunbathing, drinking aperol spritz at summer bars, having barbecues, walking their dogs, having fun, smiling, … And everyone seemed so young and hip. Who knew Basel was this hip? I didn’t, that’s for sure.

Anyway, the old city center was a nice walk, the church was interesting, the restaurants were alive and kicking, the bars happening. You catch my drift.

And best of all: Tourismus Basel offered me a room at Hotel Wettstein, a three star hotel close to the river. Thanks, guys. I’ll be back!

Rheinschwimmen_(c) Basel Tourismus




Basler Rathaus_(c) Standortmarketing Basel

Mittlere Bruecke 2_(c) Basel Tourismus

Savoir-Vivre am Rheinufer in Basel_(c) Basel Tourismus

St. Alban-Tal_(c) Basel Toursimus Foto Daniel Petkovic

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