Already day three of our Switzerland Blog Week. Oh boy, this is going too fast, isn’t it? But what is up today? The answer, my friends, is Laax and Flims, two pretty little villages in the wonderful area of Graubünden. Try to pronounce this last sentence correctly, I challenge you.

Anyway, Laax and Flims. Two villages, according to Google Maps only two and a half hour drive from Interlaken, yesterday’s stop. In reality it took me about five hours. But five sweet ass hours, I tells ya! This car is made for these roads, I tells ya. And I’m made to drive this car, I tells ya! Anyway, the drive took me past Andermatt over the Oberalp pass and road 19 to Laax and Flims. You might have heard of Laax before. It is one of the best areas to go snowboarding in Switzerland. But what the h*ll is going on in summertime? Well, nothing much actually, but that’s just the charm. The two villages are rustic and quiet in summertime, the water in the lakes is lagoonish blue, the ducks in the water are friendly and hungry. Which means: picknicking is the way to go. And drinking local brews and cocktails in the après-ski bars.

Obviously there are some wonderful hikes in the area, as well as mountainbike trails. But because I only had a few hours to spend before it was bedtime (and who goes hiking when he has a car like this anyway?), I decided to stick to the après-skiing. Good times, I tells ya! Good times!





Yes, this is me. Trying to be cool. Doesn’t work when wearing shoes like that.



Yes, it got cold. Freezing my nutsack off.

A pretty lady sleeping on a random Swiss bench. Oh, Switzerland, you’re just too cool for school!


the.ego.tripper loves family resorts, bingo, kids peeing in the pool, breakfast buffets, hotel animation, tourist traps and group day tours.

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