Day four of Switzerland Blog Week, a day of luxury and pristine beauty. But first, where did we leave off? Ah yes, in Laax and Flims. I woke up in some sort of farmhouse, owned and operated by a very very old lady. She must have been 120 years of age, but still managed to put breaky on the table.

Anyway, the drive from Flims to Sankt Moritz, my next stop, took me about an hour and fifteen minutes. And again: what a ride. The scenery seemed to be getting more and more impressive and jawdroppingly beautiful with every hairpin bend I took. I just loved it: the pristine lakes, the mountains, the roads, the villages, the company (yes sir, I did manage to pick up the girl sleeping on the red bench in yesterday’s post). Especially the last descent from the Julier pass, into the towns surrounding Sankt Moritz, was a true treat. My God, long time since I’ve seen anything this gorgeous!

Ah, before I tell you more about the area I must explain that the fantastic folks at Tourismus Sankt Moritz offered me a room at the fantastic Kempinski Grand Hotel des Bains, one of the five (!) five star hotels in Sankt Moritz. Can you believe that? Five five star hotels in a village of only 5.000 inhabitants! This is luxury heaven. And the nice folks at Kempinski upgraded me to a marvelous Junior Suite (my guess this one night would have cost me about 700 euros). Honestly, I had never seen this much luxury before. They even booked me a full body massage and dinner at their Michelin-worthy restaurant (best sashimi ever, can you believe that?).

I was lucky to have looked around in the area before checking into the Kempinski, cause once you go in, you will never leave (until you Mastercard stops collaborating of course). Can you imagine staying here in winter season? Walking the halls, crossing paths with royalty and jetset? Getting naked in one of their five or six different saunas and steam baths? I can!

Anyway, I’ll stop boring you now with words. Please take a moment to enjoy these pictures.


Web_IndoorPool (1)


Web_Hotel-Kempinski-Saint-Moritz (1)









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