Welcome back, dear friends. I know, I know, long time. I already started to miss you guys (this is not really the complete truth)! And I know you missed me too. Anyway, now that we’ve kissed each others asses a bit, it’s time to talk travel. And today I did not randomly choose a destination. In fact, I was taking a dump on my girlfriend’s toilet when I saw a pile of magazines. One called Feeling was on top, so I decided not to look any further and explore the world of … euhm… feelings? Women? Women’s feelings?

Anyway, I was scrolling through a huge pile of crap (not my crap, written crap you know) when I stumbled upon a beautiful travel story, written by the famous Belgian travel blogger Debby Pappyn. Be sure to check out her blog, ClasseTouriste, it’s honestly waaaaaaay better than the.ego.tripper. But back to the story: it was a report on the Egadi Islands. You have probably never heard of these before, but Egadi are three tiny islands in the west of Sicily, just off the shore from Trapani. Ryanair fans will have heard of Trapani, cause it’s the cheapest way to make it to Sicily.

Anyway, the story starts with a few good remarks: why would you ever go to the west of sicily while the east has so much to offer (like a huge ass volcano)? The answer, my friends, is still blowing in the wind. Debby suggests a trip to the Egadi Islands and writes an extensive story about it, while her boyfriend/husband takes the pictures. Beautiful pictures! Beautiful story! This is travel journalism, ladies and gentlemen. Making a not so very interesting destination look like it’s the next hotspot. Well, the ‘not so very interesting’ is my opinion of the Egadi Islands.

Of course there’s the Mediterranean. And boy, does it look beautiful all around the Egadi Islands. Honestly, you’ll be hard pressed to find water more blue anywhere else in Europe. It’s truly incredible. The three islands – Favignana (the bigger one), Levanzo and Marettimo (the most remote one) – obviously have some other qualities. They’re quite alright for cyclists, for renting a scooter, for hiking, fishing perhaps. But otherwise they’re quite dull, I find. And not really pretty (again: except for the water). It’s mostly dry rock, although Marettimo offers some good hiking in ‘greener’ circumstances.

But probably it’s just me. Probably most people will find the Egadi Islands quite amazeballs. Favignana even got a Traveller’s Choice Award 2013 (as third most beautiful island of Italy), which means people seem to like the Island. Yes, my advice: don’t listen to me. Go and find out for yourselves!


Cala Rossa





Pretty, innit?

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