Namaste, dear fans and friends of the.ego.tripper! Namaste! Since most of you follow me on a daily basis, you know I spent last week in India. India? That huge country I visited last year for the first time and said I would never go back to in the next decade? Yes, that India! You can imagine my hesitation when I received the invite for this press trip. But, ladies and gentlemen, my hesitation was uncalled for. I honestly had a blast, especially in Delhi and Udaipur.

The press trip started in Mumbai, but I don’t think I will talk too much about this city. You see, Mumbai is just not my cup of chai, if you know what I mean. It’s big, crowded, quite ugly, noisy. A perfect way to start your India-trip though, cause it will only get better from here on out. After a few days in Mumbai we flew to Udaipur, a pristine little city in the lake district of Rajasthan. I’ll tell you more about this city tomorrow. You won’t want to miss this!

After Udaipur we headed for New Delhi, which Indian people call Delhi. (also, Indian people never say Mumbai, they still call it Bombay, which is fine by me) Delhi, the capital of this enormous country of over a billion people. Needless to say, I was afraid. Afraid it would be an Indian mess, far worse than Mumbai, bigger, louder, crazier. But this is where I was wrong. I loved Delhi! The city is a lot bigger than Bombay, but has less people. Delhi has a number of fantastic Unesco heritage sites. There’s the biggest spice market in Asia (while Bombay has the biggest slum in Asia), friendly people of all layers of society. Delhi is also the greenest capital of all Asian capitals (at least, this is what our excellent guide told us). It offers good food, interesting markets, temples, rikshas, … My favorite place to visit: Humayun’s Tomb.

Anyway, I’ll show you the pictures now.

Oh, one more thing. This press trip was organized by Jet Airways, with a direct flight from Brussels to Mumbai and from Delhi back to Brussels. When coming back, we flew business (which I had actually never done before). After this experience it’ll be damn hard to go back to coach on future flights. So thank you, Jet Airways, for messing up my ideas of flying comfortably.













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