Let me get right to the point, ladies and gents, cause it’s already late and I still need to post an interesting story about Curaçao. Yes peepz, this is day three of #CuraçaoBlogWeek! (applause) Well, today I’ll tell you all about the capital of Curaçao, Willemstad. Obviously Willemstad is the biggest city on the island. Actually, most of the people on Curaçao live in this city of 140.000 inhabitants. And it’s an interesting one. The city is situated on two different parts of the … eurhm… river? Sea? Ocean? Anyway, there are two sides: Otrobanda and Punda. The latter is the oldest part of the city and makes for a beautiful walk. Here you’ll find the old synagogue, the pretty and colorful Handelskaai, Plasa Bieu where you can get local food (try the kadushi soup, it’s slimy cactus soup, quite an unpleasant texture, but still delicious).

To get to the other side you can take either the ferry, or when there are no ships passing through, the pontoon bridge. Otrobanda is the western part of old Willemstad. Here you’ll find shops, bars (please visit the oldest bar in town: Netto Bar), more colorful houses, some forts, … If you want to get a real explanation and an actual walking tour, please visit this website. Did I already tell you the old center of Willemstad is UNESCO World Heritage? I don’t think I did, but it’s hardly a surprise. Just look at it!

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