Already day four of our Curaçao Blog Week and today I want to tell you about one man in particular. His name is Captain Goodlife. Well, actually, that’s not his real name obviously (it’s Mr. Obersi, if I’m not mistaken), but everyone on Curaçao knows him as Captain Goodlife. If you’ve visited the island before, you must have heard of him. This man is truly a piece of work, a unique character. You could say he’s crazy, but I think he’s just happy. And he wants to share it with the rest of the world. Thanks, captain!

Anyway, Captain Goodlife runs a water taxi company on Playa Santa Cruz, where he built his home slash restaurant slash shop slash hangout. You can’t make reservations for his services online, cause this man does not do internet. Strangely enough he does have a Facebook page, my guess is one of his sons did this. But back to his services. Captain Goodlife runs the cheapest boat service in the Carribean. He’ll take you out snorkeling, diving, (lion) fishing. For those of you who don’t swim but still want to (muff)dive, he’ll probably even take you to Campo Alegre, a sex resort close to the airport.

I would recommend going to the Blue Cave, a sweet diving and snorkeling spot not far away from Playa Santa Cruz. Swim towards the rocks, hold your breath for a few seconds, dive and enter the cave. You’ll love it! Captain Goodlife will probably also take you to the 60 foot boat he sunk for some snorkeling. This is where it gets kinda bizarre. Next to the boat Captain Goodlife placed a pyramid, holding the ashes of his daughter who passed away. And you can get buried here yourself, in a similar wooden pyramid, if you would want to. Coral will grow on top of you and help the ecosystem in Curaçao. Kinda spooked me out, but hey, maybe you’ll love it.

Anyway, no more talking. Here’s a little movie you can watch to get to know Captain Goodlife before you actually visit him. More pictures below…

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