You need a holiday, don’t you? I can tell. And the.ego.tripper is here to help. I’ve actually been looking for a nice getaway myself these last couple of weeks. First I thought of going to Thailand, then the Seychelles, then Colombia, but I booked New York. Choosing can be the biggest struggle when traveling, cause you know what they say: choosing is losing (actually I’m not too sure that’s what they say where you’re from, but it is what one could say in Belgium).

Anyway, to make your choice and search for a cheap holiday a lot easier, I wanted to show you This is an online travel agency from Belgium that offers the six most interesting travel deals of the day. Of course you can also book your ski or summer holiday or citytrip here (or even your wellness weekend), but what’s most interesting to me are their six daily offers. At the moment I’m looking at ‘Romantic Bruges’, a weekend in this magnificent city for only 59 euros (2 nights, breakfast included, wifi, …), in a trendy hotel. The website states this is a 55 percent discount.

To make your choice and search for a cheap holiday a lot easier, I wanted to show you

Another great thing about this renewed site is the design of it and the orderly manner in which all information is given. It’s not overwhelming, compared to some other travel websites that make choosing even harder. But if you do happen to have any questions about the travels or about the destinations, you can call their travel specialist for free advice, seven days a week.

Obviously with the.ego.tripper around you won’t need advice from other travel specialist. Take my word: book a romantic weekend in Bruges, have sexy time, drink beer and eat in three star restaurants. You need it!


the.ego.tripper loves family resorts, bingo, kids peeing in the pool, breakfast buffets, hotel animation, tourist traps and group day tours.

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