Bonjour, dear ego.trippers, how are you today? Ready for some reading material? Good. Cause today, ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to talk to you about something interesting. Actually, I can’t be sure it’s going to be interesting, so let’s wait and see.

Lately I’ve seen a lot of lists with travel trends for the year 2014: going on safari with your kids, traveling to the North or South pole, going on cruises, going to countries or places that have recently recovered from either natural disasters or political troubles, and so forth. To summarize: be creative, be adventurous, be special, be hip and cool, spend a lot of money, and when you talk to people about your travels please use words like ‘authentic’ and ‘unspoilt’.

That’s nice, isn’t it? Actually being able to spend thousands and thousands of euros to see a shitload of snow (and penguins, icebergs, birds and seals) on Antarctica, so you can brag about how beautiful and amazingly culturally developed this continent really is. On this website I found ten reasons to visit the South pole and reason number one is: Because it’s there. Reason number ten is: See it before it melts. Valid and valid. It is there. And it probably is melting. And the cruiseship (and airplanes) you’ve traveled with, will make it melt quicker.

You wanna know which travel trends I spot? I spot an increase in package deals, in all-in deals and cheap getaways, in flights towards the sun, no matter where the yellow fucker is, as long as it’s not in a country that has had recent safety issues. I spot more group holidays, with young people from one country traveling in group to another country, doing their best not to talk to any locals or learn anything about local culture. I spot more people tubing and playing beer pong in Laos, instead of going on an expensive safari in South-Africa. I honestly don’t believe people are getting more and more adventurous. Au contraire, mes amis, I think the average traveler is getting lazier and more scared of ‘dangerous destinations’ every year.



Okay, there are probably a lot of people who are adventurous and who have to keep digging to find a real adventure, cause mass tourism has spoilt a lot of places that used to be hip and cool. But most people choose not to have an adventure. Most people choose not to be creative. Which is fine, I don’t mind. Probably there was a time when I looked down on those people. Those tourists on touristy beaches. For some reason I’ve stopped doing that. Don’t know why, really. Guess it’s a trend: care less about what other people do and let them enjoy it.

Another trend I’ve spotted: showing off is not cool. I know, the.ego.tripper has done his fair share of showing off. Instagramming God knows what, checking in on foursquare from obscure coffee bars, scrolling through pictures and selecting only the best and most appealing to share on Facebook or twitter. Those days will be over soon. Cause it soon will be uncool to show off. Honestly, I also do not care anymore if you’re having lunch at Noma in Copenhagen or what your coffee art looks like (also, I think coffee bars will be uncool soon, maybe next year). I don’t want to see the sunset in Costa Rica on your Instagram and I think it’s not okay anymore to let people know you’re watching Book of Mormon on Broadway as we speak.



“But the.ego.tripper, you’re website is filled with pictures and text showing off where you’ve been.” I know, dear fan, I know. My travel ego knows no shame. And this brand new travel trend – I’ve just spotted it because I’m a travel guru and a licensed trend watcher – wasn’t there last year, or the year before, or before that. But no worries, dear friend, I will still post articles and pictures of my travels. Without showing off. I’ll try to remain informative, without bragging about what I’ve seen and where I’ve been. And why wouldn’t you come back to the.ego.tripper? I’ll give you ten reasons to add this website to your favorites: 1. Cause it’s there. 10. Cause it’s slowly melting (and by melting I mean deteriorating, so please come quickly. It might be gone soon).

the.ego.tripper loves family resorts, bingo, kids peeing in the pool, breakfast buffets, hotel animation, tourist traps and group day tours.

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