A post about Benidorm? That doesn’t sound too hip or trendy, does it, dear ego.tripper? Doesn’t it now? Alright, I will have to admit Benidorm doesn’t really have the best sound to it in young people’s ears. To most of us Benidorm is a place where old folks go to die. But, contrary to those elderly people hogging the beaches, the village or city of Benidorm does have a future! And it shines bright like a diamond.

In the near future Benidorm will be all about luxury. At this moment a brand new and huge (3.600m2) casino is being built at the end of Avenida Mediterràneo. It makes sense that the casino will be named Casino Mediterràneo, right? The casino will also have a 30 story hotel, which will make this into the largest casino/hotel on the Costa Blanca. It will all open in July of this year. By the way, Benidorm now has 3 (very recent) five star hotels and a whopping 35 four star hotels to attract the luxury tourist. Of those 3 five star hotels the Barcelo Asia Gardens (http://www.asiagardens.es/en) is undoubtedly the most attractive, with its tropical garden, Thai spa and four subtropical pools. Recently Hollywood stars like Bruce Springsteen, Penelope Cruz
and Bruce Willis.

Also The Level at Mélia Villaitana (http://www.melia.com/en/hotels/spain/alicante-costa-blanca/the-level-at-melia-villaitana/index.html) is a sight – or a hotel – for sore eyes. It offers ‘adult service’ (LIKE!), two eighteen holes golf courses designed by former golf champion Jack Nicklaus, seven restaurants, a wellness center, two tennis courts and many other great options.

The third 5*-hotel is Villa Venecia (http://hotelvillavenecia.com), a luxurious boutique hotel, located close to the old center of Benidorm. This impressive hotel holds the best restaurant in Benidorm, Gourmet Lounge Llum de Benidorm. If you’re a foodie you might also want to check out El Barranco (http://www.barrancoplaya.com), La Falua (http://www.lafalua.es), Ulia (http://www.restauranteulia.es/restaurante) or Ducado (http://restauranteducado.com).

Sounds good, doesn’t it. But how do you get to Benidorm in style? How bout with a helicopter? Just outside of the city center there’s a helipad! But if you prefer the more traditional method of flying you can always book a ticket with JetairFly (from Brussels, Charleroi, Liège and Ostend to Alicante), Ryanair (from Charleroi and Brussels to Alicante), Vueling (direct from Brussels Airport) or Brussels Airlines (obviously also from Brussels to Alicante). If you still prefer the luxury of your own car, you will have to drive about 1.850 kilometers.

More info: http://www.visitbenidorm.be

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