A while ago, dear fans of the.ego.tripper, I wrote a post on London, which I’m sure you’ve all read and loved. Anyway, it was in this great city that I had my first Uber experience. Do I still have to explain what Uber is by the way? Really? Alright then. Uber is the taxi app that’s taking over the world by storm. Basically Uber is a piece of technology that allows the user to request a ride via mobile app or the web. The app connects you with a driver – of a luxury car, a taxi, an SUV or just a simple Toyota Prius in my case – at the tap of a button. And it’s really just that simple! You need a ride? Open the app, request a car and within a few seconds the app tells you which driver will pick you up, what kind of car he or she drives and what ratings he or she has. When your taxi arrives you’ll get an automated text message saying it’s there to pick you up.

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Uber is now available in 33 countries and about 85 cities, including Brussels (only very recently), London, Paris, Barcelona, … You know, all the places you actually want to visit (except for Brussels maybe, not too sure if you want to visit Brussels, but if you do: Uber it!). Anyway, the good thing about Uber is the ease of the system. You do need a creditcard if you sign up, cause there’s no cash involved in this system. You can either fill out your creditcard details or have it scanned by the app. The gps on your phone will let the driver know where you are. And you will see where the Uber taxis in the area are as well. Easy. Then you enter your taxi, tell the driver where you want to go, get out of the car without paying and you’ll receive the bill in your inbox. Uber claims that the prices – at least for the low-cost UberX system – are 30 to 50 percent cheaper than regular taxis. And that’s not a lie. I got in my cab in the Piccadilly Circus area and got off somewhere in Shoreditch, which was quite a ride in rush hour. Eventually I only paid 15 pounds, for a ride that would normally cost me 25.

Well actually I got that ride for free, cause if you have a promo code you will get 20 euros free Uber credit when signing up. Need a code? The.ego.tripper has got one for you: ubertheegotripper. Or you can also get it here, if you want to sign up through the web and not through the app: https://uber.com/invite/ubertheegotripper. Enjoy!

You can also use your Uber credit to get a taxi in … let’s say … Dublin:

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