Howdy partners, how are you today? May I start this blogpost by asking if you’ve already voted for me in the Weekend Blog Awards? I’m sure you did, but in the off-chance you didn’t: I would appreciate it if you would. You see, peepz, I want to win this thing, cause I’ve already written my victory speech. It goes a little something like this: “Thanks. (leaves stage)”. No, just kidding, I would actually talk about how I do not deserve this award. Because the actual bloggers that deserve to win didn’t even get a nomination (read all about it on twitter, hashtag weekendblogawards). There was quite a fuzz. Result: now I feel bad that I did get that nomination. It’s like saying: your blog isn’t good enough to not get nominated, or something. Now I’ve confused myself. Anyway: vote the.ego.tripper! In return I’ll send you a picture of a dinsosaur.

Now back to the good stuff. In casu: Fort Worth, Texas! So what do you know already about Fort Worth, Texas? That it’s pretty close to Dallas? CORRECT! That John F. Kennedy spent his last night here, before getting brutally assassinated in Dallas? TRUE! That Fort Worth is home to the largest honky tonk in the world? Oh my God, how did you know? After having been there – the place is called Billy Bob’s – I’m still not sure what a honkey tonk is. There was bullriding, there was live music and line dancing, there was beer, pool, neon lights. And it was huge! About 12.000 square meters (127,000 square feet). Perhaps it’s better if I show you a movie:

Yes. Crazy. But that’s how Fort Worth rolls, I guess. I mean, the town is famous for its stockyards (again I was clueless. It seemed like a fake rodeo village to lure tourists into watching a parade of horses and longhorn bulls). As a true traveling cowboy, I love this kind of stuff. But if you’re not really into this whole cowboy thing, Fort Worth has plenty of other things to offer. Like the Cowgirl Museum (no guns allowed though, you can see on one of the pictures)! And the Kimbell Art Museum (no kiddin’: this one is actually very nice).

What else is there to do/see in Fort Worth? Obviously, great Tex-Mex food and bottomless margaritas again. Please also try a root beer float, which is vanilla ice cream in a root beer. You can also do this with coke by the way! And then there’s music. Fort Worth’s got a great little jazz scene for some reason. The Scat Jazz Lounge is definitely the place to go when you get tired of country music.

the.ego.tripper loves family resorts, bingo, kids peeing in the pool, breakfast buffets, hotel animation, tourist traps and group day tours.

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