Being lost for words. That does not happen to me very often. But the time has finally come, my friends. I’m so incredibly excited to tell you so many incredible stories, that I’m just shutting down. I’m like this kid who goes to Disneyland for the first time and doesn’t know what rides to choose first, and then shits himself instead. Or something. You know what I mean. There’s only proverbial poo now. But I’ll try to translate into something tasty. Here we go.

So, ladies and gentlemen, you might have noticed I spent these last days in Puerto Rico to celebrate the Bacardi Triangle. If you have no clue, this is the Bacardi Triangle in a nutshell: three flights (from London, NY and LA), three artists (Calvin Harris, Kendrick Lamar and Ellie Goulding), one uninhabited island in the Bermuda Triangle and a shitload of Bacardi. You might think now: this sounds awesome. I can tell you: it really really was. Honestly, it was probably the best party ever. And while you might think this is a good thing, I’m really depressed at the moment. You have to realize I will never attend a party this legendary ever again. It’s like hearing the best joke ever (check SouthPark). You will never laugh again. So sad. So sad.

Also, probably my pain comes from the enormous jetlag and threeday hangover I have. I mean, I’m suffering today. And because I’ve got some great pictures to show you, I’ll just shut up in a minute and start crying again. But first I’ll try to explain what happened: all of the 1.862 guests (the birth year of Bacardi) were brought to El Conquistador, an enormous five star resort with a handful of pools, a water park, a marina, … And there were parties everywhere, at every time: in the pool, in the other pool, in the other-other pool, in the jacuzzi, in the other jacuzzi, an afterparty in the club, deejays everywhere. You get the idea. Everyday the music and drinking started at noon and finished around… well… let’s say… 6 am? I don’t know, never made it that late.

On Thursday evening the Bacardi Triangle offered a Dusk till Disco party. It was good, but since I had just arrived, I didn’t really have time to change and get in the pool. Friday was an even better day. I got rid of my hangover with the help of some more alcohol and kept drinking. Until it was time to head to the Halloween party (where I started drinking again. You see, you were supposed to drink, so that’s what I did. Please don’t judge me!). Ah Halloween, you got to love Halloween. The perfect excuse for really hot women to show what they’ve got. And they had a lot, I can tell you. Well, I’ll show you.

On Saturday it was time for yet another pool party during the day, but also for the big finale at night. The big concert on Palomino island. All of the guest had to take a ferry to this ‘forgotten island’. And you’ve guessed correctly: there was a lot of Bacardi on this island. And music! This is where Calvin, Kendrick and Ellie performed. And they did it very well, I suppose. Check it:

I mean, honestly, does this look epic? It does. And it was. I guess a ‘thank you, Bacardi’ is in order.

Looking for islands that offer more peace and quiet? Look no further!

the.ego.tripper loves family resorts, bingo, kids peeing in the pool, breakfast buffets, hotel animation, tourist traps and group day tours.

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