Because all of you follow my every footstep on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, you all know I spent the last couple of days in the best ski area of the world, Val Thorens. And to be more precise: I spent it in the brand spanking new Club Med Val Thorens Sensations. The.e.t in Club Med? On first sight it might seem like a strange combination. All that luxury, the buffet food, the resort life, the over-the-top happy G.O.’s, the spa experience… It seems quite a leap from that way of travel to the.e.t’s. Except that it isn’t. I honestly had a great time, good laughs, great food, I met some really nice people, I enjoyed the entertainment (honestly, how can you not like neon robots dancing on stage?). What else could one ask for?

Maybe you’ve been to Val Thorens before. If so, skip to the hotel section of this post. If not, I’ll tell you a little bit about it. Val Thorens is one of the eight ski resorts in Les 3 Vallées. With its 600 kilometers of trails, this is the largest ski area in the world. It has 321 trails, 25 peaks, 6 glaciers and innumerable breathtaking views. And Val Thorens itself has been voted – two years in a row now – the best ski resort in the world (in the World Travel Awards). It’s not very hard to see why… (little sidenote: unfortunately the French Alps – or any other Alps for that matter – haven’t seen a lot of snow yet. But because Val Thorens is the highest ski area, we were still able to do some brilliant skiing)

Val Thorens view

But where to stay when you’re planning a trip to Val Thorens? Club Med maybe? No. Club Med definitely! Club Med Val Thorens Sensations is a brand new four tridents resort with 384 guest rooms, of which 80 percent have mountain views. The resort has two restaurants, including the Epicurious Gourmet Lounge, whose evening menu is the work of two-Michelin star chef Edouard Loubet. For those who want wellness, Club Med offers a spa (by Carita, go for the massage after skiing!), a Turkish bath, an outdoor jacuzzi and a fitness centre. In case you still have energy after skiing your daily 600k, you can also go wall climbing. Inside the hotel (which scares me, to be completely honest, fear of heights you know…).

What else is cool about this Club Med? Well, you can ski to the entrance of the hotel, which is really convenient. And when you do this around 4pm you can enjoy a lively après-ski just outside of the ski room (yes, obviously this resort has its own ski room where you can rent your ski or snowboard gear). Or inside the hotel, in the lounge bar, with live music. Also the Val Thorens Sensations Resort App is quite handy. This app gives you access to all the information you need, even before setting foot in the resort. It tells you about the dress codes, it lets you order ski gear (which will be waiting for you in your locker when you arrive), it’ll tell you about the ski conditions, the weather, etc.



Mister the.ego.tripper, did you say ‘dress code’? Yes I did, baby. Because I had never been to a Club Med before, I didn’t know if this dress code was an actual thing. But I quickly found out they take it very seriously. On Saturday night for instance, we had a neon party. As a 33 year old man with a relatively decent sense of fashion you obviously don’t have anything neon. But luckily I still had fluo pink boxershorts lying around (which I had never worn before, I swear!). An old press present from Björn Borg, I believe. Anyway, there was a party. A neon party. With a spectacular show. I must upload the video I made ASAP, which will blow your mind (especially if you drink Laurent Perrier or Sex on the Snow all night).

What else do I need to mention? Maybe that everybody like to limbo? Honestly, bring a glowstick to the Club Med disco area and everone will try to limbo it. IT’S HILARIOUS! And yes, that’s me doing it with my pink underwear. Maybe a little something about the prices, cause all of this fun is not for free of course (although limbo-ing doesn’t cost you anything). In low season you’ll pay at least 1.820 euros per week per person, without transportation. No bargain, surely, but … yeti. There’s a yeti.


Club Med outside bar


More info here.

Looking for a summer holiday instead? Let me give you some advise:

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