“Dear Mister the.ego.tripper, how can I be just as cool as you?” I get this question a lot. And I always answer with: “You can’t.” Then I look away to an imaginary friend and whisper: “What is he thinking? Com’on!” But then, when this person buys me a beer, I tell him/her that he/she can never reach this level of coolness, but the least he/she can do is try. By wearing the right outfit. And that’s why I’m offering you my wintersport shopping list. No charge. Pure altruism. Here we go…

When going on a ski/snowboard trip this winter, please wear this:

Thermal underwear by Pull In, a great French underwear brand. The top and bottom will set you back 2x65EUR. Money well spent. Not only will you look incredibly cool in you sheriff’s outfit, you will be warm.

Icebreaker Anorak by O’Neill. It has birds on it. Birds. Honestly, other jackets don’t even come close. With this vest, you’ll be the star of the slopes. And it will only cost you 179.99EUR.

ONeill_Snow Outerwear_men_08b (1)

Tycane Pro Outdoor eyewear by Adidas. Forget those big ass ski goggles, this is the new kid in town. It’s light, it fits like a glove and it costs 209EUR. I know, I know, it’s technically not for skiing/snowboarding, but it does the trick perfectly. It protect the eyes from snow, wind and UV.
Fusion x64 TIFF File

Earthkeepers® Schazzberg High Waterproof Boots by Timberland. Honestly, people, these shoes are the proverbial bomb. For some reason I always – ALWAYS – get cold feet. It doesn’t even have to snow or freeze. In wintertime I always have cold feet. But then I stumbled upon these babies. They’re insulated with something called PrimaLoft (either 200 or 400 grams), the same stuff they put in ski/snowboard gloves. They’re made of premium leather and they’re beautiful. For some reason I do prefer the ones without laces, although these have the 200 grams of insulation. But even in the snow and with only one pair of thin socks, they did the trick. No nay never no more cold feet. Prices are 139.95EUR and 149.95EUR.

the.ego.tripper loves family resorts, bingo, kids peeing in the pool, breakfast buffets, hotel animation, tourist traps and group day tours.

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